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3/26/2005 7:12 am

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I fantasized about being with two men for quite awhile and although I enjoyed the fantasy I thought it would remain just that ..... a fantasy ...... one to share with my husband now and then ...... one to imagine while masturbating ...... one that would never become a reality because I thought for sure that I would be too nervous to ever follow through with it.

We started playing games where I would share with my husband what I would like two guys to be doing to me ...... would get us both sooo hot we would fuck for hours. Then one night my husband surprised me ..... we were in bed ....... teasing ...... playing with each other. The phone rang ......... my husband answered on the speaker phone beside our bed. I did not know who the guy was on the phone but he started talking dirty to me ....... telling me everything he would like to be doing to my body. Phone sex with my husband there to do everything the guy said he wanted to do....... was very exciting.

We were staying in a motel one weekend ....... just a weekend away from the hectic routine of our life ...... we call them dirty weekends ....... we get a room and play all weekend with no one knowing where we are so we don't get any interruptions. We were laying on the bed ....... teasing each other ....... the phone rang ...... my husband asked me to answer it ....... there was the same voice ...... my husband started exploring me all over as I talked dirty with the guy on the phone ...... god I was getting sooooo hot.

I was to the point that I wanted my husband soooooo bad ...... I wanted to fuck his brains out as I listened to the voice on the phone ...... it was so exciting to have a man I did not know sharing his dirty thoughts as my husband ravished me.

There was a knock on the door ...... my husband climbed out of bed to answer it ..... I was still listening to the guy on the phone ...... I started rubbing my clit as the guy started telling me how he would be licking my pussy ....... I was soooooo turned on. My husband came back into the room .... climbed back on the bed ...... started massaging ..... caressing ...... licking my breasts ...... I opened my eyes to see another guy standing in the doorway ....... a cell phone in is hand ....... oh my god ...... I couldn't believe it ..... there stood a friend of my husbands that I had told my husband I thought he was hot ..... was sexy during one of our evenings of sharing about my fantasy.

He took off all his clothes ..... climbed on the bed with me and my husband ..... started rubbing .... licking me all over .... the two of them explored every part of my body with their lips ...... tongues ...hands ...... I was in sexual heaven ...... I couldn't believe the sensation of having two men exploring every inch of me.

We spent hours exploring every possible pleasure three people could enjoy....... I experienced orgasm after orgasm ..... I experienced having one cock in my mouth while another fucked me ...... I experienced having two cocks to lick and suck at the same time ..... I experienced being tit fucked while being eaten ..... the whole experience was absolutely incredible....... beyond my wildest fantasy .

I could go on and on about how exciting the experience was ..... on and on about all the sexual pleasures we enjoyed that would only be possible by having that third body there. The point is that I thought I would never be open enough to actually have two men at once and with help I was able to let go of my inhibitions and experience incredible sex. Thanks to my husband I was able to have this opportunity and I am sooooo happy that he was open minded enough to help me fulfil my fantasy........ Cathy

zenyen 65M

3/26/2005 4:59 pm

That's great; I'm glad you finally got to have your fantasy for real and that it was really exciting for you. I've been involved in some MFM 3-somes and really enjoyed them. One was with a couple for their first 3-some. She was very shy and nervous at first, but once we got going, she loved it. She had orgasm after orgasm, too, like you - I know she had at least 7. He was really excited by the whole thing, too. I'm glad it was so exciting for you. Will you do it again?

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3/27/2005 9:38 am

Your story is a mirror image of where my wife and I are right now. Both 41, kid's all but on their own now, we were talking one night in bed and she asked me what my fantasy would be. I told her sex with another couple in the room, possibly swap sometime. I then asked her about her fantasy and to my surprise she addmitted that the thought of another man behind her balls deep as she deepthroated my cock, (not that deepthroating me is an amazing task, lol). We are both carrying extra weight, she said our fantasy would have to wait until she feels less insecure of her body.

rm_chwk49 58M

7/16/2005 3:48 pm

every woman should try a's the best most exciting sex for all involved!............been there.....looking forword to many more!

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