The other night...........Part 4 The Final Activities  

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4/2/2006 7:39 pm
The other night...........Part 4 The Final Activities

It was getting late and my head begun to spin wildly. Everyone agreed it was time to go get something to eat. Now the rest of this trip was a bit of a blur. I laid down in the back seat of the van and passed out. I was woken up and being told that my food was ready. I stumbled inside took a seat and dutifully ate some pancakes. I finished and went back out to the van to lay back down. I heard the van crank up and raised up to see M, Sh, and Me but not Ta. Ta went with T and G since her house was on their way. As we were driving the other girls home I reached behind Me and began giving her a neck and back massage. She more than willingly submitted to it and just let my hands work. She had very nice skin. We dropped Me off first and then drove to Sh’s house. M looked at me and asked if I was still up for the final events of the evening and I said, “hell ya.”

We headed for T and G’s house and walked in. We all took a seat in their living room and began the usual awkward chit chat. G lays out on her sofa and covers up with a blanket. At some point G says there is a photo of someone she wants us to see on the wall behind us. T and G get up to show us. G goes back to her sofa and T stands at the end of our seat still talking to M. I don’t think he even finished what he was saying and M reaches up grabs him and pulls him to her. They kiss. Now if you want to know more about what happened with them you will have to read her blog cause I lept from my spot over to where G was. I laid next to her and we got under the blanket. We both looked at each other as if to say this has waited long enough. We began to kiss and our hands began to wander. I started taking off her clothes or she did or mine or well lots of frantic clothes removal you get the idea. She removed her bra and immediately my lips went to those beautiful nipples and gave a lick and a suck. I heard her sigh and that just turned me on more. We lifted the blanket and saw that T and M had not wasted any time either. M had her lips locked around his co ck and was going to town. G and I started for the upstairs and M and T did the same.

We entered their bedroom and I laid on G and M laid on T. I began kissing her soft lips and headed down her neck, breast, and stomache. I slid my hands between her legs and slowly spread them apart. I took my tongue and circled the outside of her puss. She was dripping wet at this point. I looked up and saw M and T headed out the door to somewhere more private. I took my tongue and circled G’s clit and she moaned. I then moved further down and stuck my tongue deep within her. She tasted better than I could imagine (or fantasized about). I take my time when I go down on a woman. I feel it is a lost art form and pride myself on doing it right. As I continue to slowly lick her I move my hand up under my chin and place to fingers at her waiting entrance. I move my tongue and slide my fingers in and up looking for that G-spot. I find it and begin to message it gently. My tongue returns to her clit and I place my whole mouth on it and begin to lick and gently suck. She cums for me and I let it flow into my mouth. I look up at her and say, “damn, your pussy is good.” She suddenly bows her back up and moans and another rush of cum is released. She grabs me by the head and pulls me up to her. On the way I wipe my mouth. I get even with her lips and slide my tongue deep inside her throat. The same time I grab my co ck and rub it on her clit. Her hips surge forward and I slip it in. We both moan this time. Wow she felt good. I began moving my hips in and out slowly, then rotating them again she moans. We kept on with this for awhile, changing positions and cumming. The rest of the details of this is for me to keep, let’s just say G left me smiling and drained.

After we are done T and M enter the room. M asked if they missed the show and I said yep we just finished. We all sat and talked on the bed a little while, laughing and talking. My head began to spin again and I needed a smoke. I left to get my smokes out of the van and just had to lay down for a minute. I passed out again and did not wake until M got in the van an hour latter. She thought I had been very rude leaving like I did. I of course did not mean to be and apologized. We began to drive home, it was daybreak by this time. We both talked about the nights events and agreed that was a great night out. We can not wait for the next one.

The end

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