The other night...........Part 4 Lap Dances for Everyone  

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The other night...........Part 4 Lap Dances for Everyone

From across the room I saw M and pulled out T’s chair away from the table. I knew there was about to be a show. I walked around the table and took a seat so I could watch. In a different life M was one of the best at this. She knelt down on her knees and put her hands on his upper thighs and pushed apart his legs ( the noise and activity in the bar suddenly fell away). Tucking her head down and then forward inches from his crotch she bowed her back in and slowly slid herself up his body. Once near the neck she gently blew on his neck continuing up to his lower ear lobe, which she gave a gentle lick. I saw a shudder run though T’s body. While keeping her body pressed his she slowly turned so her back was to him. He instinctively brought his hands up to wrap around her but she stopped him short and placed them back down at his side. She gently began moving her body up and down brushing her upper back against his chest. T’s head fell backwards and his breathing became deep and heavy. She was driving him crazy. She went up a little further this time placing her beautiful heart shaped but on his chest and then moved it down to his crotch. She paused there for an instant and then began rotating her hips to grind a little. Every once in awhile she would stop and just apply a little bit of pressure. She went on like that rotate, rotate, grind and pressure. She laid back in to him and pressed her upper back deep into his chest. Her left arm came up and touched his head and then slid down to the back of his neck. T still had his head thrown back and now his eyes were closed. Breathing harder and harder, rotate, rotate, grind and pressure; I just knew he was sure to explode. I think that a couple more seconds of that and he would have bent her over the table, lifted her skirt and split her open. She lifted herself off of him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. T seemed to need a moment. Everyone at our table was still wide eyed about what just happened.

I suddenly realized that our table was not the only ones looking, the entire bar was looking at our table. We must have been a show for the entire place. There were several tables that the women were trying to roll their man’s tongues back into their open mouths. There were of course the tables with the women that were whispering back and forth (I could only guess they were making snide comments about us). I really did not care. I love that M can put on a show. Not to be outdone, Sh gets up and begins to give me a lap dance and M is beckoned by Ta to give her one. Sh does a real good job grinding on me and left me tight in the jeans. She put those big boobs in my face and shakes face and rubs them up and down (I am more happy at this point). Sh finishes and I hear Me ask M, “can I give your husband a lap dance too?” M agrees and Me comes over to show me what she can do. Me starts slow with her back to me and moves around. I don’t think she had done a lap dance before but I am going to tell you she could have a promising career if she wanted to. After the last dance was done we all took our seats again. I looked around and everyone had a plastered smile on their face. We were all so horny it was almost to much to bear. I decide to go back to the dance floor.

I grab Me this time. I got her up there and of course began twirling a bit. I told her that when I drink I do get touchy feely. She said that was Ok and I brought her in close and began to grind. She looked at me with a sheepish grin and raised an eyebrow. I placed my hand on her back and slid it down past her butt (giving a quick squeeze of course) and brought her thigh up equal to my waist. I pushed in hard and dipped her down and around. I brought her back up and she had a huge smile on her face. I spun her back out and brought her in so her back was to me. I figured what the hell at this point and grabbed her by the back of the hair and bent her forward. I started to grind into that sweet a ss of hers. I brought her back up and we danced awhile longer before returning to our seats. When I sat down M looked at me and said, “You should have seen the look that came across her went you bent her over.” I just smiled (payback is a bitch).

To be continued.............The Final activites

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