The other night...........Part 3 The Surprise  

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The other night...........Part 3 The Surprise

A security guard walks through the dancers, taps M on the shoulder and slaps some cuffs on her. She shoots me a look as oh shit we just got busted ( I try to remember if we had slept with any lawyers that might want to substitute legal fees for sex). The guard slaps the other cuff on her and begins to escort M of the dance floor and out of no where Ta jumps next to me with this huge smile on her face (suddenly a wave of relief came over me, she had set this up). M was escorted onto the stage where another worker of the club was sitting in a chair. With her hands cuffed behind her back she was instructed to get on her knees ( Ok I am thinking that they don’t really know M to well cause this is right up her alley). The DJ made an announcement that it was her birthday and she had to take the cock shot. M did not even hesitate and went straight for the shot glass between the guy’s legs. I saw the guy’s jaw drop when she was able to get the glass in her whole mouth first time. She tilted her head back and chugged it. She looked back at the security guard that had cuffed her and said out loud, “you cuffed me now that requires you take care of me later.” The security guard’s mouth dropped open at that point. Everyone busted out laughing and cheered as she walked off the stage. She comes over and hits me thinking I had something to do with it. I eyed Ta and M went to go hassel her. After a few more songs we returned to our seats.

Ok by this time I was beyond plowed. When I drink I really like to dance (not that the dancing improves mind you). M stops dancing with me once I get to a certain alcohol level. She says I twirl her around to much or spins her into other people. So she really lets me go dance with whoever after that. I tend to ask everyone if they want to dance at that point. If I see some females at a table that have not gotten out to dance yet I always go and ask. I am very respectful of women and keep my distance on the dance floor, unless they move in on me. At that point it is on. I was on the floor dancing with whoever would stay out there with me at that point and in walked another couple, R and S, we know outside the lifestyle. Well M and I know the male, R of the couple anyways. We had never met his wife before. They do not know that we are swingers so I was unsure how the rest of the night was going to go. Now the male is really into body building and it shows. M and liked him since she met him. M does not go off a great body alone though, you have to have a personality. His wife, S, has had a lot to drink apparently and heads straight for the dance floor. M goes to dance with S and finds that she is a lot like me when I drink and dance. M got slung all over the dance floor and hurt her hip once and had to sit down. S followed after and we all took a break at the table. Ta and Me had found some other guys that were following them around with their tounges on the floor and had invited them to our table. They seemed to be huddled around Me, mostly. She is a cute one. I could tell they were not going to get anywhere though. They were playing to cool to go dance and just feeding line after line. I just shook my head and looked at S and asked if she wanted to go dance. She practically dragged me onto the floor. I know we must have been a sight. It was as if we were trying to see who could sling and spin the other the most. The others on the dance floor got the hint that we were there to take up the entire floor and gave us a wide berth. She and I kept backing away from each other and dancing then moving in on one another again. Each time our faces got closer and closer. Now I do not look to mess around with women that are not in the lifestyle (especially the ones who’s husband is into body building). Maybe it was the alcohol in both of us but there was definitely a strong attraction. I spun her out and then back together another time. When we came back in this time we paused with our noses barely touching and then I felt her tongue split between my lips. The room seemed to stop for a moment. I reciprocated and we were locked in a kiss for a moment. As if my hands were linked to the action they moved down her back pulling her in close and then moved to her butt and squeezed. Suddenly everything came back to us and we pushed off. We stood their staring at each other a bit in disbelief and a bit of wanting. Without a word we both looked around to see who saw that (no one seemed to be the wiser) and exited the dance floor.

S went to R and they left for a minute. I sat next to M and told her what had happened. I knew I would not be in trouble with her as long as I told her what had happened (we can swing without problems since our strength as a couple is our communication). She was not mad and even had a bit of a smile come across her face. She asked well what about R and I replied I have no idea. I took a look around and did not see either of them. I just knew I had done it this time. I looked back at M but she seemed unconcerned. M had gone back to flirting with T and was rubbing on his head. I just could not concentrate; I got up to see if I could find S and R. I spotted them at a pool table and walked up to R. Coyly I asked if everything was all right. He said, “Yeah, that he only wanted to try and get S sobered up a little.” S shot at 9-ball and missed horribly, she walked over next to me and gave me a hug, winked at me and said she was looking forward to the next dance. I gave a sigh of relief and said you got it. I looked at R and said I would see them later and returned to our table.

To be continued..........Lap Dances for everyone

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