The other night...........Part 1  

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3/27/2006 11:00 pm

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The other night...........Part 1

Ok so it is my wife's birthday and she decides she wants to go play Texas Hold-em (she knows how to play not me). We both dress up, my wife in a beautiful black skirt and a pink dress shirt that teases the eye with just a little bosom (I love that shirt) and me with a burgundy silk dress shirt and slacks. I am actually a more of a jeans and t-shirt type person but not when I am taking my wife out. Plus, she kept having to reassure me I looked OK since I felt out of my element. We were supposed to meet some good friends, T and G, that we have known in and out of the lifestyle. We arrive and immediately we both took a look around but did not see. The first thing of course we see is that no one else is dressed up (no one dresses up anymore). The room stopped and suddenly I could feel the gaze of 50 pairs of eyes upon us. If I had not been in my dress clothes, this would have been my element. Stained t-shirts and holey jeans, some were in there work clothes still and I could swear I saw a guy wearing a cap with beer cans and a straw attached to it. The wife, M, caught my gaze that I really felt uncomfortable in what I was wearing and no amount of consoling was going to help.

We found a table, introduced ourselves to the ones sitting there, and then took our seats. T and G walked in and thankfully they were dressed nice to so I no longer felt so bad. I saw G and looked her up and down. Her butt just looked damn good and I had to adjust a little since my slacks got a little tighter. I noticed that M was checking G out as well. After a brief exchange of words we began to play (cards of course, I still have not reached the point of doing public sex shows as if in the red light district). M started out strong winning the first hand and I lost the first couple. T and G were not doing to bad either. Now by the fourth or fifth hand M was ready to go. She gives me a look like she is hot and bothered and needs some action. Now, I was born with a sense of smell that M swears I was a blood hound in another life. The good thing about that is I can smell sexuality on a woman better. I had to adjust my pants again cause the scent of wanting began to float from beneath the table and I knew M was dripping (I also knew she wasn’t wearing panties and the cleaning crew would be trying to figure out what that big wet spot was on the seat). Well she began throwing her money in and saying all in. She lost of course and then turned to me. She was just ready to go and every bet she was looking at me and saying all in, all in. Perverted me was thinking is she saying all in for the chips or for me to invite the guys at the table over to the house (I am going to get hit for that one later). So I hurry up and lose as well. We decided we would head out to the club. T and G were still doing really well and said they would meet us.

We headed out and M began to call a few of her friends to see if they wanted to go out with us as well. They agreed if we would provide the transportation. The first stop was our mutual friend Sh. Sh we have known for a long time both in and out of the bedroom. She is a definite diva with these ample breasts that just cry out to be felt. When M is unable to go out with me Sh is always willing and has kept me out of trouble on more than one occasion and got into trouble with me on more than one occasion. She walks out wearing a very low cut shirt. I just know I am in for a very hard night. We pick her up and head to the next pick up, a fem called Ta (Ta is fitting since she also has nice T&A). Ta was not quite as dressed up as the rest of us but looked damn good in those jeans she was wearing. We drove from there to pick up the next one on the list. She was the only one I had not met but was really surprised to see this very petite girl. She was put together in a very nice package. They all climbed in the Swing-mobile (ok it is a mini-van but we are trying to avoid the stigma by making it sound cooler).

To be continued………next A little dancing

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stop teasing me come on already

kisses melissa

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