Hello from the twilight zone  

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3/25/2006 4:54 pm

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Hello from the twilight zone

This being my first blog I just want to start by saying damn I am a lucky guy. I am married to a sex goddess that has an unnaturaly high sex drive and fetishes to match. I hear other guys talk about how they just don't get it anymore and thank my lucky stars I am not one of them.

We were both raised in the deep south and had several ideas and strict morals pushed on us on how life should be. These ideals kept us from experimenting with each other or even discussing our deepest darkest fantasies. Both of us felt like we were being bad or dirty or that something was wrong with us. This caused stress and a lot of tension between us. It was in our darkest hour we were almost torn apart and headed down the divorce road when for some unknown reason we just laid all the cards on the table.

First, we began talking about everything that was wrong with the other. I think for the first time we really started being honest with each other and ourselves. The talk shifted at some point to what we would like to experience out of life and then that turned into talking about sex. We told each other our fantasies without any fear of what the other might think. Regardless of how sick, twisted or demented we thought it was. The funny thing is that our fantasies were not to far apart from the other. This sparked a new beginning for us, not to mention the best sex we had ever had, which yes is still on going to this day. We began to get closer than we ever had before.

As time went on not to mention the great sex we began to see that we were not wrong or bad because we had these thoughts. It began to sink in that most people are afraid to disscus sex at all much less what fantasies they have. We decided it was time to spread the word and help others come to that same realization.

We began swinging not because we were unhappy with each other, but just to change things up a bit. Hey, we love sex, but really love getting with people that don't get that extra special attention in the bed room or just love sex as much as we do. There is nothing more special than helping someone realize they have more potential and sexuality than they know.

We were on this site before and alot of the couples we talked to either did not have any experience in the lifestyle or were looking to replace their spouse. The both of us are very attentive and like to take our time with whomever we are with. This is misinterpreted by our partners as love I think. We have no desire to break any one up and are sure not going to give up on what we have taken years to make with each other. Not to say we do not have deep feelings for those we get involved with but you are crazy to think that great sex will break us up after 15 years. Anyways, as I was saying there were alot of couples/singles that just did not get that. So we took a break.

We are back now a little more wary of how and who we interact with. If you are lucky enough to know us then you know we go out of our way and will bend over backwards (the wife does more bending than I do LOL ) to help you out and make you feel comfortable.

Well it should be an interesting ride to say the least (no pun intended). We hope we meet several friends and friends with benefits on here.

danae03 32F

4/6/2006 3:24 pm

Awww steve...so sweet....shhh...I have to go back in hiding now

Catharsis33 44M

4/6/2006 5:30 pm

Don't worry I will never let anyone know you are in the witness protection program.

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