Getting back to blogging....................  

Catharsis33 44M
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5/22/2006 9:03 pm
Getting back to blogging....................

So I am sitting here on the floor typing away since the only thing we have not moved yet is the computer desk. It is an wall unit made of oak that weighs a ton. I am sure if there is ever a flood I can grab some bed sheets and sail me and my family away in it. Enough of that though.

Some of you bloggers have been busy. I am off here for a couple of days and come back and see 24 to 78 new posts from my watched blogs list. I hate playing catch up. Well I thought I would give an update into us.

Yes moving... but that is not all. The wife got to play a little with the male of one of the couples we used to play with. I on the other hand have not had much luck with the female, but she did just have surgery so I think that may have had something to do with it lol.

I got the blood test I was waiting on about my misdiagnosed testosterone condition. Levels were at 250. When this all started the levels were at 262 so now I am waiting to hear from the specialist in Denver. I know my symptoms have returned, lack of energy, low sex drive (yes the wife is complaining but she is understanding), and the weight loss. Since my little spell of pain I went through before I have been on a no exercise order from the Doc.

This sucks. I am by no means a gym rat but I do like to stay in shape. I was running 3 miles twice a week and doing sit ups and push ups. Now I doubt if I could run a mile. I am past the time for the no exercise so now I guess I can work back up to it. I think it is harder to get back into exercise when you have not done it in so long. I will though, I must. I refuse to get the mammoth pot belly that most of my family seem to genetically share. My father looks pregnant and I do try and remind him of that when I talk to him. Last time I saw him I told him child services was going to contact him cause the kid he was carrying was due to start the first grade.

So much going on. I lost contact with one of my friends on this site. Her profile and blogs have been turned off. It is funny how we can make great friendships through these blogs and then one day *poof*, for whatever reason they disappear. I know it will be that away, I just hope that they are not in trouble and maybe found what they were looking for on here.

Well, I have rambled enough. Good night all.

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