Fun with toys.....(or split from a ss hole to appetite).  

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Fun with toys.....(or split from a ss hole to appetite).

This is what happened after I went to the Adult Toy Store the other day. I had purchased a couple of new toys and a new corset for the wife. I am one of those people that does not buy gifts for special occasions until the day of or day before. Not so much due to procrastination but I know if I do I will give it early and ruin the surprise. Well this was not a special occasion or anything but it almost killed me not to say look, look what I got. I waited though and kept my mouth shut, I had to make it a complete surprise if I was going to get the desired effect. M was off work that day and I called her on my way home from my work to let her know to be ready when I got there. I did not get that much done at work since I could not take my mind off what the days end would bring. Plus, I sported a hard on most of the day so I did not stand up from my desk to often.

I arrived home expecting to find her naked on the bed, but, alas, she was naked in the bath (naked is naked I guess). I told her to hurry up cause I had a surprise for her. She got out and I instructed her to go downstairs and get on the bed, she complied but kept asking what the surprise was (she hates not to know something). I just kept saying you will see. We got downstairs and she laid on the bed and looked at me and said, "Well.....". I went to the closet where I had the black bag that adult store use so know one can see in them and pulled out the corset. I knew she would like this one because she had tried it on in the store once (not in a dressing room mind you but right in the middle of the store, I wish I did not have any reservations in public like that). Her eyes got wide, she jumped off the bed and a big grin appeared on her face as she took it from my hand. I probably could have stopped there and we would have had incredible sex, but the corset was just to get her in the mood (and wet of course). She put it on and yep it looked great. It is a deep blood red color and had very well designed stitching on the top and small designs of half circles on the bottom. I helped tie the strings in the back (that is the only thing I don't like, she said she will replace the strings with strong ribbons). She poses for me and I of course grab the camera and take some shots. I am not really sure who likes our photo sessions more me or her.

After I take the last picture and say you are welcome for the third time I tell her to lay on the bed. She gave me a raised eyebrow as if to say I know we are not going to skip the foreplay. I told her the corset was not the surprise and to lay down. She laid back on the stack of pillows upon our bed and kept a little of a smile on her face. I reached in to pandora's box (which is a drawer in one of our nightstands that keeps all the toys), I pull out a night mask and place it over her eyes (if you remove the sense of sight you can build anticipation as to what will happen). I went back to the black bag and pulled out some restraining straps. These were soft material with a leopard pattern and velcro fasteners (we have tried handcuffs before but they hurt her wrist). I tied on end to one of the bars on the head board and then the other. I brought the cuffs up to her ear and quickly pulled the velcro apart. Though I could not see her eyebrows I knew they had drawn in towards the middle of her brow. She asked, "what was that" and without answering I slipped the cuff around her right wrist and pulled it tight. I looked at her face and she had a smile that showed teeth from ear to ear (she loves this). I repeated in the same manner with her left wrist. Now the straps came in a set of four for the ankles but unfortunately they did not reach to the bottom support bar of the bed (we need a foot board that has bars).

I go back to the bag and pull out this thin rod with feathers in the shape of a ball on one end and thin rubber strings on the other. This was probably the least expensive thing I had bought as it was not very sturdy. I placed the rod between my hands and began to spin it. The feathers spun very quickly and the rubber strings reminded me of a weed eater, lol. While spinning it I moved the feathers down to her outer thighs and traced circles on her skin down to her knees, then her calf muscle, over the top of her foot to the other side of her leg. I started going back up this time on her inner thigh and I made it loose contact and spun the feathers right on top of her clit. She gave a quick shudder and exclaimed,"ooohhhh". I did not keep it there long since I don't want her to get to hot to fast (she was already dripping out of her puss down the crack of her a SS). I started down the other leg in the same manner as before but when I got to her knee this time I quick flipped the rod over and gently slapped her thigh with the rubber strings (they really don't hurt unless you put a lot of force behind it). Her body jumped and she shot out another one syllable sound. I continued in this manner for a few minutes. I traced her stomach and up her breasts with the feathers but every once in awhile slapping her skin with the rubber strings. It is funny the places that she got slapped I was not sure if she would like. When I slapped her thighs she liked it but not on her arms. I slapped her breast and she liked it but not on her abs. I just could not help my self and at one point slapped her puss, to my surprise she liked it (softly mind you). I played this for awhile and simply got anxious my self (not to mention I still had my jeans on and the hard on I was sporting was starting to hurt).

I asked if she was ready for more and she just hummed melodically, "umm hmmm". I reached in the drawer and pulled out all her toys and reached in the bag and pulled out the last two item I had there. I laid everything out on the bed as if I were a doctor preparing for surgery. The wait was almost to much for her cause her hips were moving ever so slightly up, down and back and forth (I just wanted to take my tongue and lick up some of that juice that was still dripping). I grabbed some sensual oil and coated a small vibrating anal plug. Normally she does not care for anything anal but I did not give her much of a choice. I traced her inner thighs and then slid it in her a ss. With the lube it went no problem. Her mouth was about to motion no but I turned on the vibration. Her butt clenched and she lifted her hips off the bed. The "no" she was about to say was forgotten and replaced with a simple, "oh". She relaxed and came back down to the bed and she tried to grind her butt cheeks back and forth to move it. I grabbed one of her dildos and traced her clit with it and her outer pussy lips. I acted as if I was going to stick it in but pulled back. Now this particular dildo is average size and about 6.5 inches long. What makes it special is that it is curved like a banana and the base has a platform that is full of bumps to excite the clitoris. I put it in her pushing in rather quickly but she says she is not ready for the insertion yet. On the bottom is a small silver vibrating cylinder that can be removed. The cylinder is only about an inch long and is no wider than a #2 pencil. I take the cylinder and turn it on and trace her clit. She likes this and begins raising her pelvis to meet it. I keep lightly brushing her clit with it and then travel down and barley splitting her inner lips. I notice now that she is starting to let her body follow my lead. She moves her hips to where I want them without me having to say a word. I keep going inside her with the silver cylinder and then up and around her clit, pausing at the top so I can see her hips pump forward as if it was involuntary muscle movement on her part. I take my other hand and push hard on the anal plug which is still vibrating. I watched her face and she gave a grimace. Now, even though I know she likes a little pain sometimes I also have to make sure I keep it on the sensual side (if I push it to the point that it hurts she will not enjoy it). I release the pressure on the plug and she says in a submissive voice, "Thank you".

I turn my attention back to the little silver cylinder and again make circles around her clit. I look at her puss to see the dipping has pooled at the bottom. I just have to get a taste. With out removing the vibrating cylinder I bend down and do a slow lick from her bottom up to the clit. The cylinder hits my tongue and now my tongue vibrates as well. She moaned with pleasure. I keep this pose as my tongue moves up and down in her and vibrates. That is a weird sensation I think for both of us. I only stop when the cylinder misses my tongue and hits my teeth (vibrating tongue good, vibrating teeth not so good). Well it is time to move on to some other toy.

I reach for another toy I had just bought. She has plenty of experience with dildos, plugs, and strap-ons (for the ladies). This was something new though. It is made to stimulate the nipples. It is pink with two suction cups and a little bulb on either cup to activate the suction. On the inside of each cup there is a small round brush attached to a vibrating motor. I squeeze the little bulbs, position them both on her nipples and then release the bulbs. The suction caused her nipple and a small portion of her breast to completely fill the cups. She exclaimed, "What the hell is that!?". I asked her if she liked and she just replied, "it feels weird". I went to turn on the vibration and the left cup popped off. She said, "Maybe you should wet the area first and it will stay". So I do just that, I bend over and lick her nipple and she raises her breast to push it into my mouth and I lock my lips and do my own suction. After I get it nice and moist I apply the cup back on. This time I reach the on switch and hit it. Her nipples were pushed hard against the brushes and when they began vibrating her body jumped again. "Oh wow", she said. So I asked her again if she liked it and she said, "Yes".

I checked her plug to ensure it was still securely in place (and that the batteries had not gone out). Now at this point I had her wired everywhere. Mechanical devices with cords hooked to battery packs made her look as she was in some strange experiment. I reached back to the suction cups and began alternating squeezing the bulbs. It caused a release and suction type of thing. She laughed a little. I examined the cup and noticed it was small enough to be applied to another area. So I removed the left and a menacing smile came across my face. I squeezed the bulb but this time I applied it to her clit! Her back raised as if she were going to sit up and with her legs spread she bent her knees in so the heels of her feet came in contact with her butt. "Ok that hurts a little but feels good at the same time", she cried so I released it and repositioned it to where it was on only the clit. Those little brushed went to town softly massaging her clit. She moaned again. I removed the cup and placed it back on her nipple.

I grabbed the banana curved dildo again (she named it Curvy) and again inserted it. This time she was so wet it slipped in with no resistance. I replaced the silver cylinder in the base and applied a little pressure so the base hit her clit. I did not have to move or anything, I just held it there and her hips moved around it forcing it to grind where it felt good. So now she had multiple vibrations going on, the anal plug, the nipples, the shaft of curvy on the inside and the base of Curvy on her clit. I had to wonder how her body was dealing with all the different sensations. I watched her grind and listened to her moan a bit and then removed Curvy. Just for the hell of it I grabbed the rod and slapped her thigh and puss with the rubber strings. At this point I am trying to keep her body guessing as to what sensation she is going to get next.

I reach for the next dildo which does not vibrate. She calls this one Pinky. Now Pinky she bought because it is long and thick, almost as thick as a Coke can. She says she likes the splitting sensation. Unlike Curvy where I applied pressure from the top I insert Pinky and hold the base against the bed. Her body responded exactly the way I wanted it to. She planted her feet and began lifting her but up and down along Pinky's shaft. She got faster and faster while saying, "oh.....Oh.....OH". Now I let her do this for awhile but I knew she was about to cum. I commanded, "Do not cum yet" but she cried, "Oh but I am about to". I went to remove Pinky but she forced her hips down so I could not get it out quick enough. I finally got it out and she had left a thick white trail on it. I looked at her and said, "You cum didn't you?". She gave a sheepish smile and said, "No....well maybe a little". The reason I did not want her to cum is because when she cums very hard she swells in about 15 minutes and then it is painful for her. So now I was working against time.

I had one more toy I had bought, another dildo. This one did not vibrate either but was very very thick, about twice the size of a Coke can. Now I am not small in size mind you but still always felt a little inferior to Pinky but this thing just made me feel insignificant. I took out the anal plug and the nipple cups, because I wanted her to concentrate on this sensation. I placed the tip right at the entrance of her pussy and let it barely touch. She asked if this was Pinky again and with out responding I pushed it half way in. When I reached that point I said, "This one is bigger than Pinky". To that she replied, "OH MY GOD! Do you think...?" She moaned long and hard and I let her move to get used to it. I held the base of this giant dildo on the bed like I did with Pinky. She moved up and down on it but still only got it about three quarters of the way in. I just wanted to see if she could take it at all. I asked her, "So does this one give you that splitting sensation?" She did not answer my question but just yelled, "HOLY SHI T". I removed it from her and I reached up and removed the straps from her wrists and instructed her to roll over but she was already half way over when I got the words out. This position is how she masturbates and I wanted to see her take this mammoth co ck. She hopped on and this time it slid in a little easier. When she masturbates like this her hips get to moving extremely fast up and down, it reminds me of a hummingbird's wing. She started slow and kept moving up and down. I watched as at entered her and then half disappeared. Each time she went up she left the co ck a little wetter. I knew it had to be hurting her a little but I still exclaimed, "Are you gonna let this kick your a ss?". She did not answer but started moving faster, up, down, up and down and hold for an instant. The anticipation of her bursting all over this was to much. She just was not going to cum with this one. I myself was so hard it was hurting. I took the thing out and positioned up behind her and inserted myself in. I thought that huge dildo would have stretched her out but her puss is quite resilient it seems and she was just as tight as ever. I felt her release on my dick and it she was dripping on the bed. Now she cum but she still had not orgasmed. I knew she was sore and she had begun to swell. I pumped a few more times and just damn exploded within her. I collapsed on her back and pulled out. I gave her a cloth and she wiped herself clean. I then rolled her over and journeyed down kissing her as I went. I spread her legs and went to town licking, sucking and kissing that beautiful puss. I put two fingers in her, rested my chin on the palm of my hand and found her g-spot and worked the hell out of it while continuing to lick. I can tell when she is full and she was really full of cum waiting to get that release. I begin rapidly moving my fingers back and forth and I feel her body tense. She screamed and then I felt her thighs against my ears. This is usually the painful part for me, because she has some damn strong thighs. She squeezes my head with her legs and I stop moving my fingers. I apply pressure to her g-spot and suck her clit in my mouth and hold and she just explodes. We stay there locked that way and her hips just surge forward in a jerky motion for few seconds. She releases her grip and relaxes her legs. I remove my mouth but keep my fingers in place. She says in an exhausted voice, "that is it".

Now I could stop but I can feel that she still has more in her. I say, "No, you have a little more to go". I begin gently moving my fingers again. She at first protests but then her hips take over and she starts moving them up and down again. She can't help it and just starts moaning. I milk the g-spot until she quickly cums hard again. This time she is done. I remove my fingers and remove the night mask. She lays their still enjoying the experience and asks for a smoke.

I light her one and then start showing her the items I used. When I got to the new dildo, her eyes became big as saucers and simply said again, "holy shi t". I asked if she liked her surprise and she said, "yes, very much so". Finally I asked her what she was going to call her newest toy and to that she simply replied, "Kong".

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Yes Yes Yes muhahhaahah I can't wait for the next episode in this soga


{=} Mel

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Me either..........

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