Another great evening  

Catharsis33 44M
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4/15/2006 11:32 pm
Another great evening

Ok so another Friday and we have gone out again. This makes three in a row for us which is unusual. Now we did not take anyone home (well not to sleep with anyways) If you follow my blogs then it is usually the same group we hang out with, some swingers and some not (though I think they might be getting suspicious lol). The wife, Melissa (no since using her first letter anymore) was there. T and the beautiful G was there and of course G and I danced and stole a few kisses here and there. Sh, my gaurdian angel/sex mistress was there keeping me straight (in more ways than one). Me was there, the cuttie that gave me a lap dance before and kindly did so again. Then there were the new two.

They were not a couple but did know each other. D and Sha. D is a young single male that knows Melissa outside the lifestyle. Sha knows Melissa outside the lifestyle as well and is mutual friends with D. D is head over heals in love with Sha but she is married(which I will speak of later).

D came to join us that evening but had began drinking before we got to pick him up. Now suposedly word has it that he is in the extra extra large catagory in penis size. Melissa is dying to find out for sure. She hates not to know something and just has to find our lol (birthdays and Christmas drives her crazy). Well that night it was supposed to be revealed but that did not happen. D had drank so much that he was beyond trashed. At the first bar we went to he made a bit of a mess right under our table. Needless to say not a very good impression on the people we were with. We informed the waitress and began to leave. Melissa escorted him out and I stayed behind with T, G and Sh to close their tab. When we get outside we find D trying to pick a fight with five bikers. Luckily Melissa handled the situation and talked him out of it. We made it to the next bar and not 5 minutes after being there yet another mess right under our table. I was upset at this point. I have been drunk before but never to the point I could not make it to the bathroom or outside. The manager walked over and asked us if we could escort him out. Melissa and Sh took him to the van and laid him down. D spent the rest of the night there.

Sha was really shy and OMG gorgeous. She is unfortunately in a bad relationship. If fact she had to convince her spouse for a week just to let her go. We wanted her to have a good time and I was told to dance with her to see if I could bring her out of her shell. It did not take much convincing on my part but it did take a little to get her out there. Once there I took things slow. I knew she already felt very uncomfortable and self-concinse. She kept saying how bad of a dancer she was. I of course told her it would be allright and she would be fine. Well I kept myself at arms length from her and she did quite well. I escorted her off the floor and she just sat quietly by. I am usually good at reading people but I just could not tell if she was having a good time or not.

The night went on, the drinks went down and I danced with several different interesting people. I danced with an entire bachelorette party and a 54 year old woman (who surprisingly in her younger days was a dancer on the old Soul Train show). I took turns taking different women from our table out onto the floor. I was somewhat disappointed though because another couple we know, Z and I, did not get to come. The female of the two, I, is the only other woman, other than Melissa, that can move her body only and turn me on. I get turned on usually by conversation and dancing but when she moves that butt of hers well ummmm hummm no conversation needed.

So I ask Sha back out on the floor. At this time I had a few more to drink and the touchy feely dancer in me came out. I did not bother with arms length this time and was right up on her. She did not protest at all and surprised me by even taking the iniative on a few of the moves. All I can say is very very hot and this time I could tell she was having a great time.

We all danced and drank until 2 AM and then went for the ritual pancakes afterwards until 4. Melissa drove everyone back to their house and we returned home exhausted (but still managed to have some amazing sex). I can not wait for the next time we go out.

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