21st Century predictions from 1989.........................  

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21st Century predictions from 1989.........................

I was going through some old boxes of junk and I come across one of my old science magazines from 1989. (Yes a nerd in high school) I don’t know why I kept it (I am a packrat I guess). The heading was predictions for the year 2000. So I took it out and began reading it.

I should note that in this magazine there was, of course, not one web address anywhere in it and an ad buy CompuServe promising that there online service was second to none. Also, there was ONE ad for a personal computer: 16 MHz, 1 MB RAM, 14” EGA monitor, 40 MB hard drive, 5 ΒΌ floppy drive, 100% IBM compatible and includes MS DOS 3.21 all for $3195.00.

I have to say most of the predictions were really close and some just did not happen. There was no talk of flying cars or space travel but talked of society, technology and home life. It made some very conservative predictions but I thought I would share a few of the ones that I felt were off a bit:

Modular plastic housing will allow people to move more easily and frequently. (I don’t think this ever caught on; I know most of my relatives in Mississippi just keep the wheels on their trailers for the same effect)

Fewer very poor and very wealthy, will exist, in society. (Nope)

Fewer loopholes mean the wealthy will pay more tax. (I think there are plenty of loopholes left)

Artificial blood could replace the nation’s blood banks. (This would have been cool)

There will be a surplus of 100,000 physicians. The result: Doctors will pay more attention to patient care and office hours will be extended to evenings and weekends. (HMO’s killed this prediction)

Computers will be in at least 75% of all American homes. (I think this figure is a little low)

By 2000 there will be three major corporations making up the computer hardware industry: IBM, Digital and Apple. (Yeah, OK)

Multimedia will enhance books on floppy disks to allow interaction and even provide recordings of smells and tastes. (Well it was part right, though seeing some of the pics on AdultFriendFinder I am glad the smell and taste thing didn’t catch on)

Just thought it was a cool thing to share with everyone but when in the hell are we gonna get those damn flying cars?

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