Times have changed  

Catdoc2000 56M
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6/15/2006 6:36 pm
Times have changed

Coming back from Toledo today I came up on a couple guys wearing Colors. This is something that happens with less frequency even as the number of bikes on the road has exploded over the past 20 years. I slowed a little because I didn't want to blow by them. Not out of fear but out of respect. The brotherhood of hardcore bikers is Very much like what you saw in the movie mask. They are no angels, more like devils with a heart. Back in the day I knew some 1%ers as they are called. I used to crash in Havasu city Arizona at a place owned by the Mom of an officer with the chosen few. She was a wild old bird and loved having a couple of us marines over for the night. I remember more than once being crashed out on the floor and awaking as some stray girl came to "red's" house for shelter from the wildness that was going on there in the early 80's. But I digress. As I came closer and was able to read the colors it was a real surprise Across the top it Said "Priestly Order" and on the Bottom "Jesus is Lord" In the middle was a gold circle crown of thorns with Three nailsThru the center of it. A really bitchin set of colors all n all and these guys looked the part. Short Sleeve T's with leather vests, no helmets un-baffled pipes on Shovelhead Harley's one complete with really illegal apehangers. They were seasoned riders and shifted their stagger to accept me as I closed in so I slid right in and rode with them down I-70 for about 30 miles to my exit. Times have changed.

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