Maybe I just can't play the game...  

Catdoc2000 57M
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3/22/2006 7:25 pm
Maybe I just can't play the game...

I have lived a sheltered life I guess. I've never been burned bad in a relationship. Been dumped of course and sometimes had no clue as to why but I just moved on like a puppy in a minefield to seek out the next encounter. I do have a 6th sense for girls that play games and have given up allot of chances at relationships because of that. I've also avoided allot of headaches that way.
Everybody says they want honesty but can they give as well as receive? I understand that the majority of people on a site like this has been burned pretty bad at some point in their lives and are looking for a fresh or different start. They want honesty but for varying reasons are afraid to give it. I don't want to learn how to play the game, shit my wife looks better than the majority of women on this site! If I didn't think a little strange would see me through this tough time I'd be gone in a minute! I have allot to offer a woman. I have a way above average IQ am well read and have traveled the world. I have a void in my life that goes beyond sex and the woman I choose to be my friend in this will be richly rewarded. I'm hoping that staying power will help distinguish me from those that come & go.

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