First orgasms, Giving & Receiving  

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4/20/2006 5:48 pm
First orgasms, Giving & Receiving

I mentioned my recent trip home and a stop I made at a site where I gave a girl her first orgasm. She was the middle child of 3 daughters, the youngest was the cute one and the oldest had chronic medical problems so she had some self esteem issues from lack of attention to say the least. She was a tall girl and had a larger frame but not really overweight. Some 36D boobs at 15 made her look bigger than she was. We took an early summer bike ride with no specific plans, just out in the wind. After riding most of the day with those boobs in my back and her hands on my waist I was getting randy. I pulled off the side of a dirt road, I knew a small open spot in the woods just across the road from the parking place. I led her to it and Unrolled a small bedroll I always carried on the bike. "What's that for?" she asked me. "You said you wanted to make out sometime, maybe this is the time." I said with a smile trying to keep it light. I sat down and she eased down beside me. We started kissing, she had a damn pullover on so getting to those firm young tits was a major undertaking. I instead worked on deep kissing, ear & neck nibbles. Soon her breathing was getting heavy. I moved my hand down to the button on her jeans. I was able to unfasten them with not trouble or resistance. I eased her zipper down and that was when her hand gripped mine. "I'm not going all the way" she said. "Relax I just want you to enjoy what we do, I promise I won't take off any of your clothes or mine." I said tracing my finger on her belly. She got a sad look in her eyes. "I'm not pretty enough for you anyway." she said. If I didn't want to be seen with you we wouldn't have ridden together all over on the bike today." I told her in all sriousness.
Back on track I went to work on her, tracing the smooth milky white skin on her belly and working down to the incredibly downy soft pubic hair that only a teenage girl has. I kissed her belly and worked my hands down to the waist of her pants. "Wiggle your hips" was my gentle request. She gave me a pensive look but complied and I pulled her jeans down, just low enough to see the crotch of her panties had a damp spot on them. I went back to deep kissing but worked my hand under the waistband of her panties. Before long my fingers were between her labia just enjoying her wetness, then I started a slow gentle circular motion on her clit. Her breathing got faster and her body started to tense. I figured she was getting ready to tell me to stop so I moved my fingers inside her, a purely greedy teen move. She gasp out,her body got completely still then limp. After a few moments she opend her eyes, they were liquid. "I've never felt like that before" she whispered slightly breathless. "I'm no expert but I think you had an orgasm. " I told her. "I don't know... she trailed off. We soon put orselves back together and I took her home. We dated a few times after that but never really clicked. Last I heard she marrried a reformed Amish and had 6 kids. NO SHIT!
This story is true, the dialog reflects my memory of the encounter. It would be interesting to have her version....

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