As dawn Broke  

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As dawn Broke

11PM Well, it was an eventful evening. The first meeting with a net contact. There was Coffee, conversation, innuendo and a promise for a future meeting. Time to go to bed……

What the! He stumbles to the door. It’s his new friend, she says she needs help. He opens the door. And goes back to the bed to grab a sheet because he sleeps in the nude. She walks in and without warning says “I’m a horny slut and I need fucked bad! Are you man enough?” The hell with the sheet he lays on the bed and says. “ I don’t know, can you get me hard without touching me?” She starts to strip, his hands are motionless as his eyes devour her body. When she is naked he is still flaccid though the effort to keep it that way is showing. “I think you’d better start without me” he says. She instead saunters around the bed occasionally licking at her nipples and bending over with her ass inches from his face. Finally he linges at her burying his face in her ass. “NO NO” she says “That’s cheating” Now it’s her turn. “Get me wet” she commands as she lays back on the bed. He gets up and paces around the bed slowly stroking his cock and in a husky whisper there is a continiuos stream. “ you little slut, you cock teaser, I’m gonna give it to you good” after a time her hands drift bdown between her legs and just as they reach her clit he says “STOP! Tell me what you want bitch” Her eyes flash then go liquid and she rasps “your big cock deep in my pussy” He gives her a smile and says “All you had to do was ask. He slides between her legs and poises over her with his rock hard cock inches from her lips. “If you want it guide it in” he says She grbs it like a life line and jams it toward her pussy but he pulls back and says “ I know what to do now, I want you to feel every inch of this cock slide into your pussy for the first time.” He S-L-O-W-L-Y pushes his cock into her feeling her labia roll back onto themselves as he fills her. Finally he is buried all the way into her. He asks her “is that enough cock for you?” She says “YES” but he thinks she may be saying that just to make him feel good so he starts grinding his pelvis into hers feeling his cock stretch the walls of her vagina she starts to whimper like a puppy and claws at his back. Soon as she calms down a little he starts pounding in & out of her pussy like a jack hammer and all the breath seems to leave her body, then she stiffens like there is an electric current going through her body and he again slams his pelvis into hers and slowly grinds as his seed explodes into her. They fall exhausted into each others arms.

The sun comes up

Catdoc2000 56M

3/27/2006 11:17 pm

Thanks I aim to please...\8

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