An Exception to every Rule  

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An Exception to every Rule

An exception to every rule
He hated these vendor shows. Everybody milling around trying to look interested in things they’d seen a dozen times before. Down a side aisle there was a display with more activity than most others. He was curious about what was going on there. When he made it to the booth he quickly saw why. There was a woman there in a low cut leather top with HUGE TITS! She was not a big framed woman and those tits had to make her a 40+ bust size. He’d been on the road all week and this show was the last stop before home. He couldn’t help but stare at that immense cleavage. “See something you like?” she asked. It was at that point he realized that he had drifted right up to her display table. “Nothing I can have I’m afraid” he says. “You never know” she replies with a teasing smile. “Men are visually stimulated you know, and that’s a loaded weapon you have there” he says figuring he can give as good as he can take when it comes to flirting. It was at that point he noticed some people looking at their exchange and quickly added “I’m going across the street to Starbucks for coffee, maybe we can pick this up later” “Certainly” she replied turning up the flirt a notch. At this point he figures she was just another sales rep using her assets to beat quota and slowly ambled toward Starbucks to do some laptop work and prep to leave.

He was doing his weekly reports when he felt a presence, looked up and there she was! “break time” she says. “Have a seat, I’d offer you some coffee but I see you took care of it yourself” he replied. She sits down, sighs and says “I seem to be taking care of too many things by myself lately.” He gives her a quizzical look. “That the reason for the show?” he asks. “No the show is to sell things and I’m not for sale” she replies not quite pulling off being serious. “I was talking about your little show and I think you’re bright enough to know that” he says trying just as unsuccessfully to be serious. “That brings me to your comment about only men being visually stimulated” she says leaning forward a little. “I didn’t say ONLY men but I’ve never met a woman who could be as visually stimulated as a man” he replies matching her forward lean. “You have now” she says staring into his eyes and this time sounding VERY serious. “That is something I’d have to see for myself” he says throwing down the gauntlet. “Why do you think I wear this top?” she asks but before he can reply she answers her own question. “I get wet watching men start to get hard just by looking at my tits” She finished sounding almost bitter. “You sound frustrated about what should be a gift” he says shifting back to serious. “Well I don’t mess with younger men because they shoot too fast so it takes an older guy that I can also fantasize about to really get me going. I’m not getting any younger so the field gets smaller and smaller. So even though you won the arousal prize for the day I’m off limits” She explains “I bet I’m older than you” he chuckles. “You first” she says the smile returning. “46” he says proudly. “I don’t believe it you ARE older!” she says with almost childlike glee. What’s my prize?” he asks praying for the answer he wants. “I have to share a room” she pouts “my company is cheap.”
“If there is a reward involved I can get a room” he says moving in for the score. “What, do I have to write up a contract?” she asks half seriously. “No but I think we need to be clear about how to solve this disagreement” he says more relaxed because he thinks she IS serious about this. “I can come just by watching you do things to yourself while you’re naked” she says with a hungry look in her eyes. “I wonder what you would like me to do?” He asks as he leans back feigning thought. I’m sure it will come natural to you” She replies with a distant smile. “How can I be sure you actually come? I watched Harry met Sally. Women are known to fake the big O. “You’ll know baby, I’m a squirter!” she says sounding as proud as he did when disclosing his age. “OK, so you’re not going to touch yourself?” he asks. “If you’re good I won’t have to, but I would like it if you to talked to me” she says as her energy level rises. “Will I have to use my imagination?” he asks knowing the answer. “Only if you close your eyes, silly” She says as she gets ready to leave. I’ll drop by later and let you know if I got a room.” He says as she stands. “I’ll be waiting is her final words as she walks away.

“What do you think about the product?” she says, as her boss stands next to her.
“I can think of Five Hundred and two reasons to try it but the final decision is not mine.” he says. “I think the office will see it your way” she replies. Thanks to her boss he had to give out his contact info but that wasn’t a bad thing because now she had it too….

He went to his room, 502 confident that she got the message.

She enters the room, he is still dressed. “Would you like to use the bathroom to get undressed?” he asks. “No I think I’’ do it here, you use the bathroom” She replies. He goes in and changes, already semi-hard in anticipation on what is to follow. “Easy big boy” he jokingly says to his cock. You want to make her cum first.

When he leaves the bathroom, she is already laying naked on the bed. “Can I suggest things?” he asks. “Sure you can look but don’t touch’ she says with her eyes never leaving his cock. “Where to start?” he asks with a smile. “Those tits are screaming for attention! First I’d get those nipples nice and erect. I wonder if pinching or sucking would get them there faster? Don’t tell me.” he rushes on “I have a feeling I will find out on my own later. Spread your legs, I want to do a before check” She opens her legs and he leans forward and peers down at her pussy. “Nice lips I bet they’ll puff up nicely. But I don’t see any clit yet “ he observes. “You need to work harder” she says but the pace of her breathing lets him know he’s doing fine. “Well back to those big beautiful tits then. I’m sure you’ve been tit fucked before but I wonder if a guy has ever just rubbed his cock back and forth over your hard nipples. Don’t answer we’ll find out if you like that soon enough too. Like my cock? It’s just a little above average but it has staying power, we’ll call it a midlife gift. I bet you’d love this cock in that pussy. Speaking of that pussy I see those lips are opening up. Do you have any request?” he finishes. “YES DAMN YOU START STROKING IT! She almost screams. “Now now, you wouldn’t want me to cum before you and ruin your evening, Oh look your clit is sticking out and my, it is a big one!” “STROKE YOUR COCK!” she breaks in. “YES MA’M, I’m here to please!” he says as he starts to run his hand along his rock hard shaft. “Lets get down to business” he says. I think that if you come first you owe me a cum where I want to put it. Let me see your pussy, no that deserves some special attention, the 3rd input? No we haven’t discussed that and I never enter where asked to remain outside. I KNOW! YOUR MOUTH!” he says moving closer to her. At that moment her back arches and juice runs down her pussy onto the sheets. An instant later she sits up and scoots to the edge of the bed and says. “Time to get even” His cock barely touches her lips before her explodes, dumping his load down her throat. When his spasms stop he shoves her back down on the bed, jams her legs open and buries his face in her pussy. Licking her lips and nibbling her clit. Before long she spasms again and fresh juice runs from her pussy. They lay back on the bed for the moment exausted. She finally gets up and says “I have to go and help take down the display” while starting to dress. “Well you won the bet. What do I owe you?” he says stretching out on the bed. “You have to do everything to me you said you would” she replies near the front door. “damn, there’s an exception to another rule! When Losing a is bet better than winning it!”

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