A Matter of boundaries  

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A Matter of boundaries

She slid the keycard into the slot of the door, pushed it open and stepped into the room Ray followed her and closed the door. “I’ll bet you do this all the time slut” He said. When she opened her mouth to answer he forcefully broke in “Shut up whore, you talk when I ask you to!” Her eyes flared for an instant then dropped to the floor. “Take your clothes off, I want to see if you’re worth fucking” he ordered. As she stripped his face showed no expression as his eyes took in her body. She was standing naked in front of him but before she could raise her eyes to meet his she was given another order. “Sit in that chair over there and put your feet on the coffee table in front of it with your legs spread.” She did so without looking directly at him. He remained motionless, but after a minute of having exposed herself to him in such a way her hand crept down toward her clit. He moved for the first time “STOP” he said pointing at her.” I didn’t tell you to play with yourself, I want you to think about what this cock is going to do to you and see if that gets you hot” He says while undoing his pants and dropping them. His cock was respectable but not yet fully erect, it looked heavy between his legs. “Get on your knees and come over here whore, time to start earning your keep” she gets off the chair and knee walks up to him she stares at his rising cock for a second then opens her mouth and moves forward, he steps back. “Damn! You’re a hot little slut aren’t you? Can’t wait to get some of this cock inside you, right?” She looks at him questioning, “RIGHT?” he repeats. “Yes, I want your cock inside me.” She says not yet meeting his eyes. “Well it’s not that easy, I’m a respectable man. I have to make sure you are worth it. No hands, just kiss my cock a little and see if it likes you.” She gently takes him in her mouth his cock is hot and she can feel the life flowing through it. In no time he is fully hard. He steps back out of his pants. “You passed the first test. I want to see how a pro puts one of these on” He says tossing her a condom. She gives him a helpless look. “OK you can use your hands now” He says with a big grin. She opens the package and rolls to condom down his hard cock with one smooth motion. “Very nice, no wrinkles or air bubbles. You are pretty good with cocks so far you slut. Now get up on the bed on all fours. I want your ass and pussy pointed toward me and your knees near the edge of the bed. Once she is in position he says. “Drop your chest on the bed. I want that ass up in the air toward me. That’s pretty nice; I can tell there have been some cocks in that ass. You know once one has been there they all want to go there.” He drops to his knees, his nose inches away from her sex. “It smells like woman here. You’d think that all the men who have been in there would leave behind a smell of their own. Let me see what you do when there is no cock around” She is hesitant at first but very soon is fully engaged & working her clit just as she is about to slip a finger inside he grabs her hand. “That’s my pussy! You slut! He says and in one fluid motion buries his cock fully inside her she lets out a combination of a gasp and scream and starts to grind her ass into his cock. He starts slamming her pussy as hard as he can driving her into the mattress with his legs. Just as he’s about to come he pulls his cock out and says “Whore, I want that ass. Can I have it?” No hesitation now she says “Yes please fuck my ass!” He dribbles some spit on her ass and says “Since you said please here it comes” this time, gently and slowly he enters her ass. As he nears full penetration She adjusts herself and he asks. “You ready?” she swallows and just nods yes. He now starts slowly then picks up speed until he’s almost the same pace he was in her pussy then he pushes her flat on the bed drops on top of her and explodes in her ass. Before their panting subsides a voice from the corner of the room behind them says “That was very nice, we may have to do that again” Ray rolls over and sees her husband sitting in a chair with his cock out. “Want some dinner? I’m buying” Ray asks. “I wouldn’t think of it, you’ve already PAID me!” her husband says. They get dressed and go to the restaurant next door. While they eat she fondles her husband under the table and then they go home. Ray goes back to the hotel and falls asleep with a smile on his face thinking it’s a matter of respecting boundaries.

MyEnglishF 49F

11/28/2006 12:22 pm

The was quiet a surprise...
I still have your most recent post to read... trying to catch up... but first wanted to tag you for The Golden Egg

Catdoc2000 replies on 11/28/2006 3:01 pm:
Thanks for the egg! I'm going thru all my old posts and checking the blogs of everybody who has commented on mine. Took care of a couple eggs already

red_hot_trucker 58F

11/29/2006 5:41 pm

And yet another egg.

The Golden Egg

You know the drill. Here's another Golden Egg, just when you thought you were done egg hunting,,,

Have a wonderful day, and I hope you feel refreshed after 12 long hard hours.


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