3 boys peeing  

Catdoc2000 57M
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6/16/2006 11:23 am
3 boys peeing

This is not really a dirty joke, just something that will hopefully make you think a little. While at a campground with their parents for the weekend 3 boys around 10 became fast friends as only kids that age who are having fun can. They all decided to take a pee break at the same time. The first boy walked in, ignored the urinal and went straight to the toilet. He pulled down his pants and started to pee. The 2nd boy grabbed a papertowel and went to the urinal. He unsnapped & unzipped just far enough to reach in with the hand holding the papertowel and fished out his cock stuffing the towel under his pants so that his cock was sticking out above it. He then started to pee with his hands on his hips. The 3rd boy had to wait since all places were taken. The first boy finished and went to wash his hands. He said "I go to public school. We're told that boys and girls are equal and that boys should pee sitting down like girls. The 2nd boy finished, used the paper towel to put his peter back in his pants and started to vigorously scrub his hands. He said " I go to a Christian school and we are taught that much sin comes from weakness of the flesh so you should not touch yourself." Meanwhile the 3rd boy had unzipped and was taking his piss. When finished he zipped up casually ran his hands under water and while drying said "I'm home schooled and my mother and father say that men and women are equal but different and that the human body is one of god's most beautiful creations." We are increasingly divided into two camps, each has it's own flaws which are often amplified by the struggle for supremacy. The best course is to take the positive from each and pledge allegiance to neither.

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