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7/28/2005 3:32 pm

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You become a friend in my network but then you never write.....

I'm sure this is more prevalent with the guys than the girls because the ratio is like 10:1 but I don't get it when a woman, (woman in my case) whom you invite into your network, accepts the invitation but then never writes you or tries to contact you.

I have numerous friends and some that I keep in contact with but there are others who don't reply back.

Isn't the purpose (i'm sure it's just one of many or maybe I'm wrong here) of the network invitation to break the ice and see if there is a possible attraction between yourself and the other person. If they accept the invitation are they not then saying that they are interested and would like to further explore something, a relationship of somesort in the broadest of terms.

I certainly don't want to hound people with numerous emails asking them 'How they are?' so we can chat, or why haven't you written back after my 12th email. I don't want to come across desperate or sound like a stalker but I just don't get it sometimes...

Now I'm just a guy who certainly doesn't get swamped by emails like many of the ladies do but ultimately I just don't get it.

Perhaps someone can illuminate me on this subject.

thanks for reading....


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