Getting a tad bored  

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9/25/2005 4:27 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Getting a tad bored

Hey, If any ladies ever wants to cyber, you can im me, cause i'm having a somewhat hard time finding people to cyber with. I'm extremely horny, and can't seem to find any ladies to cyber with.

yahoo: cash9272000
aim: fiestatime86

Now for the story:

Mary and David were on the verge of their 9 month anniversary. David had been thinking of having sex with Mary for soo long, that he would jerk off to her every night, but he would never tell her, that would drive her away. David, wasn't the only one who was turned on, Mary was horny as well. She decided that she would set up a dinner and an after party just for them. So on their 9 month, David went over to Mary's house to pick her up, like he does every anniversary, but this time, Mary wasn't ready. She told David that they were going to stay in, because she had cooked dinner. David parked his car and walked into the house, where Mary was wearing a maid uniform and nothing else. David confused, wasn't sure what his next move was, untill Mary slowly walked over to him. She shoved him onto the couch, and ripped off his shirt and pants. Soon David was sitting naked on Mary's couch. He was soo turned on, that he couldnt hide his hard-on. Mary saw this, and told David what dinner was, it was her wet pussy. Mary got down on her knees, and started sucking David off. David was moaning left and right, which made Mary smile. She got up from sucking David, and sat down on couch next to him. She pointed to her wet cunt, and David went right down. He started eating her out and not before long, she screamed Fuck Me. David slowly slide his cock into her pussy, and started fucking her. Mary couldn't take it anymore, and turned her butt the other way. She wanted it doggy. She slid his dick back into her and she started moaning extremely loud. She wanted something she never had before, she wanted it in her ass. David wasn't sure, but he's wanted to fuck her for so long, that he couldn't refuse. He slid into her ass and fucked her wild. Soon enough, David was ready to cum, but it didn't seem like Mary was ready for him to pull out. He fucked her for about another 15 minutes in the ass, and then she screamed for his cum on her face. He took his cock out of Marys' ass and started jerking off lightly on top of her face. Soon enough, David's hot jizz was all over Mary's face, and she loved it. The two took an hour break, and went back at it later on.

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