The Spoon Triangle  

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8/18/2005 9:08 am

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The Spoon Triangle

I am not a doctor of science and maybe not truly qualified to comment of the subject. There seems to be a mysterious area within my kitchen. It starts at the corner of my refrigerator and traveled to my microwave, then to my stove and back to the fridge. The area I call "The Spoon Triangle". A smaller version of the famous Bermuda Triangle, where ships and planes disappear without a trace, my area has a mysterious aspect. Spoons disappear from there.
Now, I do not have a dishwasher, and living alone I normally wash everything by hand. That was when I first noticed it. All the forks were there, and the knives, but I was short spoons. Not only the normal tablespoon or teaspoon, but even some of erotic varieties as the soup spoon, salt spoon, and the (everyone should have one) grapefruit spoon. I checked all the normal places, inside the sink, behind the coffeepot, but they had just disappeared. There within, lies the mystery.
Where were they? A black hole perhaps, but I am sure I would of noticed a gaping black hole sucking everything into it, and it was only the spoons that were missing. Magnetic phenomena, where only spoons were affected? Alien abductors?
Maybe a cousin of the "Sock eating Dryer"?

The mystery only deepens. For now, I must travel to my favorite Wal-Mart and resupply, till then I can only ponder the questions.

LOL...just another mystery in my rather boring life.

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