Spring break and college spring breakers  

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3/18/2006 8:43 am
Spring break and college spring breakers

I love the SNL video because it fits some guys Sundays to a T. This is the day I started to write this. I had a very long week with going to Miami part of last week and coming back on Weds. I was suppose to meet a girl I have been talking to online for sometime. The very sexy Purvian blonde bombshell JoAnna. JoAnna works in downtown Miami at the hotel so of course I never got to see her while I was there cause she decided to work the whole time. In stead I spent the night around college girls who used pick up lines on me like "Is there a liquior store nearby, can you show me"? and "What's good to night for parties? this is my first time here" I live for these questions cause I really feel like they are asking can you sleep with me I am so horny and I just came here for some amazing sex that I couldn't find in college! I don't have a problem showing girls anything and being a gentlemen but I would rather be me the badboy that I am which I think is what most girls want even though they might not say it. So we went out to some great clubs and strip clubs "the Ballet" as my friend Eric calls it. Got back to DC it cold as hell weather. Decided I needed to find girls here that were into getting sex more than the current ones I am dating which aren't as much into sex. I think girls should have in their minds if you don't have sex by the third date the guy should have the option not to talk to you anymore. That is what I think I am going to do with these two girls. I know alot girls would be like "that timeline is shit!" Well maybe I am not looking for a relationship and maybe I am but sex is important to me I am not saying it is the end all but that is why I am on here. Alot girls would say sex is reserved for when you really interested in a guy but I don't think it should be cause most guys don't reserve it that way. So spring breaker girls know that this is there chance to get a free ticket to sex it up and they should!

Let me know what you think of my first entry! I hope I get alot of commments! thank you all in advance!


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