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Carolyn3181961 55F
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10/29/2005 5:50 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Tell me What you Think!

Part Two! I have meet alot of nice people here. My hole life I have been with the wrong guys. I'm a great woman. I have so much too give. My Do I find guys like that?

doit4joy 59M
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10/29/2005 6:46 pm

Wildest thing I've done
Here in Toronto, Canada
We have a baseball team, and stadium called SkyDome.
I was watching game from almost top row (very nice view)
My girl friend was in mini-skirt (probably everybody could see her thong from down row..) We had sex with both standing position looking down the game.. Probably someone noticed what we were doing on top row,,, but no one bothered us...
It was very excited having sex in public place where probably tens of thousands people can watch.

rm_sud1277 39M
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10/29/2005 7:00 pm

What drives a person is mother nature (basic urge) and that's the truth. Sounds unromantic at first, but the same nature has given us head to make life pleasurable. Dont go to the soul, it's beyond the basic instincts
Say what?

rm_Arley57 59M
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10/29/2005 7:11 pm

Lots of people, a popular place, attraction for curiosity or obsession? Nothing wrong with either. I think what drives me is I am all about making sure the desire's and satisfaction of the woman are fulfilled. Don't ask me why I have always been that way. My inner desire's are to fulfill fantasies I've thought about but never had the chance to experience. I really don't have a "wildest sex experience" I believe true love is to respect, forgive and understand one another no matter what the circumstances as they are the foundation good relationships are built on.

boxershortsforu 59M

10/29/2005 7:34 pm

My darkest desire is being totally submissive to an domme woman who use's my body as her's. Being on the bed in all fours, her wearing her strapon ready to take what is hers. Then after, on my back , her legs spread ready to sit on my face , seeing that lushing kitty bearing down on my mouth. Hearing her moan in pleasure as she rides my face, massaging her clit wildly against my mouth. Feeling the wetness of her kitty all over me , as I approach her inner legs with the desire of pleasure for her. True love, one of the fullest feelings of being connected in mind and spirit.

rm_RxSUGAR 60M
102 posts
10/29/2005 7:44 pm

If you are writing a book,please leave my handle out. But I couldn't help but respond to questions like these.1.What drives me is a deep longing for romantic love.2.My dark inner desires are to find as many women as I can to provide that romantic love.3.Wildest thing I have done for sex? Neglected other customers while I serviced a lady customer in the back room,she let me know that she was out of money and needed gas to get back home,(about 70 miles away).This was in a gas station,I was the only one working and just one flirt/suggestion was all it took and she gave me a sad luck story with subtile hints that she was desperate for gas money.Looking back now that I am older,,,I would have gave her anything she wanted no matter the cost.This is a true story.4. True love??? You will know it when it happens! I would guess that about 30% of the people on this site know anything about it! Remember this,,,this world is imperfect,,,true love can happen again.DON'T NEVER GIVE UP! Better to have tried and lost than never tried at all.Hope this adds some SUGAR to all who read.GEESH, sorry,guess I wrote a book.

playtime44uandi 52M
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10/29/2005 7:58 pm

Hi Carolyn, What drives me? Well my work for one, my hobbies, & the search for a pritty lady. What about you?

~We'll Leave The Light On~

Carolyn3181961 55F

10/30/2005 2:54 am

Thanks, No book!

rm_tomozzo666 64M
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10/30/2005 5:36 pm

i want to address the true love question.
i want to hold hands and in that moment feel as though i'm holding another... me. i'm so in tune with her it's like she's me.
when our lips and tongues touch i want my heart to pound and be a little light headed.
i want to laugh and see her laugh even harder then tell me she loves sooo much.
i want her to think i'm so cool and wonder how she made it to this point without me.
i want to be in love with her pussy as well as her soul, face and personality. when i eat her pussy it's like visiting a close intimate friend. kinda like saying ... "how are you? let's talk".

what drives me? HOPE!!!! hope that i'll find her. and that i'll be most of things she wants in a guy and that she'll be what i've dreamed of for so long. i tired of being a male whore long ago. trying to get into all those panties and for the most part succeeding. but i'm older now. the body's not as tight. the face has lines. my dick doesn't pester me with constant desire all the time.

an honest girl who knows the meaning of loyalty, compassion and caring. that's what i want. tom from brookfield

4excitement4us 69M/48F

10/31/2005 6:25 am

My husband is my best friend. We are a perfect match until we hit the bedroom door. He rarely wants/is interested and I always want/am interested. I have tried hooking up with another woman and then we were supposed to all hook up, that never happened (with hubby). I have thought about setting him up to get laid, then chickened We love each other, I am just tired of being pushed away and turned down. That is how I ended up here.

It all started when he introduced to someone he worked with. He was so sexy and touchy feely kind of guy, hubby isn't touchy feely at all. I was instantly attracted. He lives a distance away and we went to visit. I was so wet all weekend! We all had a blast. I ended up calling him the following week and told him how sexy he was and that I was extremely attracted to him. He was speechless. I knew I had put him in a very difficult spot, after all, he was hubby's friend. A few days later, he called and said he was headed home, I followed and met. From then on, it was at least once a week. It did end badly however. I do miss him. We had a great friendship that is now somewhat strained but I will forever remember the days between the sheets!

BullsTardeMeant 56M
837 posts
10/31/2005 11:02 am

Hi Carolyn! I drive a 4-door Dakota, but that's not your question. What drives me is passion. Sexual discovery. Learning something new from a lover, or reliving a favorite experience for their sake. The reciprocation of giving lovers is the passion I seek. The wildest thing?... risking it all for this pursuit. Second, being recognized on this site. What a trip. THEN we got together and had a great time. (funny)

What is true love? It is illusive. It is precious. It is unconditional. And at the risk of seeming hypocritical, to know true love is to know GOD. Alas, the flesh is weak. And I am pathetically human. Love yourself, trust yourself, and you will find the love you are seeking with others as well.


dogon47 58M

11/1/2005 10:00 am

the ocean beach, the waves were smacking us in the face. then we ran back to the 3rd floor and waited for the beach patrol to come and they did. true love.....when to souls feel together as one.

BROC817 44M

11/1/2005 1:52 pm

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ClevelandVic 49M

11/2/2005 12:11 am

to knock on a door
late in the afternoon
knowing that unbridled pleasure
would be mine soon

walking thru the threshold
as I gaze into her eyes
kissing her passionately
thinking of her thighs

small talk over dinner
we both know we have to eat
we will need our strength
if we are to make the night complete

I caress her hips
as she leans on the counter
kissing her neck
prelude to our encounter

fantasies become reality
as I undo her skirt
she undoes the buttons
that are on my shirt

a kiss ignites the passion
that has been smoldering since dawn
a kiss that has no other meaning
than we are going to get it on

in an anticlimactic moment
we walk to her bed
her ass in those tight panties
is all that is in my head

the mood is set, the radio is on
the candles are all lit
she takes off her blouse
and commands me to sit

dropping to her knees
looking me in the eyes
soon she is pleasing me
making me sigh deep sighs

the moment I have been waiting for
has finally arrived
I pick her up and lie her down
it is my turn to dive

I hold her hands above her head
extending her arms
taking off her bra
I reveal her charms

she moans as I take my free hand
and caress her tits a while
each stroke a bit more hash
each pinch a bit more wild

her hands are free as I descend
along her stomach to her prize
she spreads her legs inviting me
to eat to my delight

I insert a finger
to get the juices flowing
then my tongue flickers
and that gets the ball rolling

I make sure that her love box
is oh so wet inside
then I raise her legs
and we start to grind

sweet mercy I am in heaven
as I feel her pussy walls
contracting on my dick
and pulling on my balls

we are one for a moment
that lasts until she screams
“faster! faster! Faster!”
our bodies start to gleam

passion overtakes us
we move from one position to another
fucking for all we are worth
selfishly taking from one another

the moment comes in the heat of passion
that I am going to blow
I try to hold it back
but it is no use you know

faster harder faster deeper
we try to make it go on
at last round one is over
the night has just begun

I know this isn’t too kinky, or dark, but at the end of the day this is what makes me hot. Looking forward to passion on a regular basis.


Carolyn3181961 55F

11/2/2005 4:14 pm

That was great.....Thank you

ClevelandVic 49M

11/2/2005 11:34 pm

it was my pleasure

I hold her close still hard inside her
my heart races ever so fast
I hold her close close so close
I want to make this last

the first session is over
we both are breathing hard
we loosen our hold upon each other
we drift slightly apart

she grins that grin I love to love
I know she has something in mind
naked she walks to the closet
oh what is she going to find

I hope it is not the handcuffs
I am not in the mood
maybe some body oils
maybe just high heal shoes

she turns around with nothing more
than a veil made of silk
and crawls across the bedroom floor
like a kitty looking for milk

I start to get up but she says to lie
to await the pleasures in her mind
I know I will like the enjoyment
that I am about to find

she takes the covers off the bed
I start to feel a chill
then her hands cups my balls
man that was a thrill

her hand slides down my leg
massaging as it goes
she moans softly so do I
as she reaches my toes (ooooohhh)

she takes the dark cloth in her teeth
starts to caress my feet
her nose and cheeks and her chin
made pleasure complete

she held my legs together
as she climbed me like a tree
the friction felt so good
from her whole body

the veil leads the way
as she ascends ever so slow
she hesitates when she sees a sign of life
in my dick don’t you know

the silk cloth moves to her hands
and her hands move to my head
her intention was to blindfold me
as I lied in bed

I love to love her with blindfolded
covering my eyes
not knowing what she will do next
adds to the surprise

she wastes no time to get on me
and ride me real hard
her breathing lets me know
I am doing my part

I go to take off my blindfold
I want to see her breast
I love to watch her on top of me
I think it is the best

she shouts “No!” and takes my arms
but I have got her instead
I take and stretch her body
pulling her to my head

I feel her tits upon my chest
I can feel my thrusts
I take her and roll her over
it is time for me to bust

she resists as she usually does
she loves to be in control
but there is no contest when passion is involved
her pussy wants her to roll

she knows that I will penetrate
much more than her vagina walls
I want her completely
I am going to take it all

each thrust is sooo much deeper
than the one before
I grab her ass I want to take her
if necessary by force

force of passion takes us both
as we cry to heaven above
our bodies slam together
as we make sweet love

the blindfold is clinched in my hands
I have no plan for it now
but I know that it will come handy
I knew this somehow

I wrapped it gently across her throat
and pulled as I entered her from behind
her back arched her pussy tightened
I was going out of my mind

I pounded hard and harder still
oblivious to the world
I was on fire so was she
the cloth to the floor was hurled

I squeezed her melons she screamed out loud
the scream was not pain but pleasure
an orgasm she had I was so sure
if it was fake it was hard to measure

faster faster
I wanted more
faster faster
there was more in store
faster faster
I came at last
hold it
my body against her ass

round 2 is over I have to work tomorrow
it is getting late
round 3 is coming soon
so there will be a smile on my face

ClevelandVic 49M

11/8/2005 3:04 am

we meet for a late dinner
in a corner booth
waiting for a waiter to come by

I whisper in her ear
that I will make sweet love to her
as my hand gently rubs her thigh

she looks around
to see who can notice
and who really gives a damned

quickly she reaches
up her dress
and finds a moist thong in her hands

the waiter clears his throat
and pretends not to notice
amour that is burning in her eyes

he tries to recite the specials
as he stares at her cleavage
she had him hypnotized

I ordered for the both of us
she didn’t see to mind
it was faster and she really wanted him gone

I began to whisper in her ear
that she was oh so sexy
and that I wasn’t sure I could wait too long

I wanted her right there
on that table in the restaurant
she could hear the desperation in my voice

she too was filled with passion
her hands lead mine to her love box
as my finger penetrated her it was moist

she let out a gasp
loud enough to turn some heads
for the moment I had to put my hands in clear view

no one was really fooled
least of all the manager
when he walked over I didn’t know what to do

I slipped him fifty dollars
when I shook his hand
and told him she just felt a chill

he said it was quite hot in here
he did not understand
was my lady-friend feeling ill?

our dinners came just in time
we began to eat

she took of f her heals
and caressed me with her feet

the waiter came back to our table
with a grin on his face

it seems the slit on her dress
had slipped out of place

her entire leg was almost showing
right up to her ass

“How is your meal”
was all the shy young man could ask

so once again the manager
walked over to our booth

he was a bit slow
to tell you the truth

he mentioned she was showing
a bit too much skin

he blushed as she stood up and bent over
to fix her dress from within

“th th that’s much better”
the manager said out loud

he the scurried off
almost looking proud

we were left to our dark booth
I pulled her way too close

I fed her from her plate
I liked this the most

she ate each piece of meet
seductive as could be

sucking it of the fork
chewing and swallowing

when it came my turn to eat
she “accidentally” dropped a piece

right into my lap
she retrieved it eagerly

tracing my cock with her nails
and wiping my pants

it only took a moment
but I will always remember her hands

I told her we will never
be allowed in the place again

“so we better make the best of it”
she said with a grin

we finished our dinner it was time for dessert
we both said “Whipped cream please !”

the waiter served us quickly
the management didn’t want a scene

I placed some on her waiting tongue
and kissed her long and hard

when the kiss was thru
we knew it was about to start

I yelled “I need a doggie bag”
“I want this desert to go”

the manager himself brought me the bill
and he wasn’t slow

I grabbed my woman by the waist
as we got up from the booth

adjusting her slit on her dress
making her seem loose

my hand dropped to her ass
as we walked through the restaurant

letting her know
exactly what I want

I walked her out the door
we kissed to the car

I parked in the parking lot
but that was way too far

we ducked into an alley
that was just down the road

she dropped to her knees
my pants were about to explode

as she unzipped me I held her head
my fingers in her hair

there could have been a crowd watching
we just didn’t care

her mouth was so warm my cock was so hard
she licked and she sucked

my hands barely let her breathe
her mouth I did fuck

I was in heaven she was so good
but I wanted even more

I wanted her I wanted pussy
I wanted what was in store

she opened her eyes as I picked her up
and pressed her gently against a wall

her legs oh her legs they wrapped around me
I had to feel them all

I inserted my dick into her pussy
I felt her velvet contract

I as I started pumping we moaned softly
as I held her up by her ass

our bodies on fire generating heat
and we ached for more

I pulled the top of her dress down
she felt this in her core

her back arched so I could taste
her tits so ample and ripe

I pounded her into the building
I squeezed her ass so tight

I nibbled on her nipples
she cried out for more

I kissed her deeply and powerfully
I opened passions door

we were lost in the moment
a time of lust and greed

each of us taking what we want
taking what we need

I could feel the walls for her pussy
squeezing my manhood so tight

I could feel the breeze blowing on my ass
of the autumn night

the moment was here I was going to cum
I pressed into her and pure satisfaction

the passion was over we got dressed at once
I guess it was just a reaction

in the car on our way home
we caressed each other a bit

basking in the glow that passion brings
never wanting it to quit

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