Halloween - Lot's of Tricks, No Treats...  

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10/28/2005 9:34 pm

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Halloween - Lot's of Tricks, No Treats...

So it's now October, still no prospects. This strikes me as peculiar as the men I've met tell me that I'm exceptional, given the assortment of people on Passion.com. I think my focus is in the right direction. I have declined numerous married or otherwise "attached" men. I've seen a myriad of engorged penii. I've declined tons of offers to exchange photos and swap erotic email. My problem is I AM THE REAL DEAL, no games, no bullshit.

Recently, a rather fethching gentlemen sent a nice response and photos. I sent my G-rated Disney pics. He wanted more "sensual" phtos to determine if indeed I fit his requirements for "passion." I wonder, how can you determine sexual chemistry simply from a photo? Maybe it's a male visual thing, but I'm an intuitive soul -- I need the other dimensions of space, time, etc., to make a determination if someone is sexually compatible. Sometimes you simply meet a person and you know, right from the downbeat, if there's any heat.

Well, enough of my soapbox. If I'm offbase here, let me know. As I've mentioned, my exterior is so normal, down-to-earth and downright unassuming that maybe it is hard for men to imagine me in a corset giving directives. Whatever. I'll keep plugging away and hope the minnows pass me by and a big fish comes by soon...

MrRuff59 57M

6/24/2010 5:03 pm

ok it's been since October. nothing new to blog about?

rm_yo411968 48M
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10/21/2010 4:13 am

hi sexy like to chat with u and meet email me ...ty

LukeBarlow 56M
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10/31/2010 9:54 am


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