Round 2  

CaptainHook96 45M
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7/7/2005 12:13 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Round 2

A quickie for C., that sexy blonde sitting in her office chair reading this right now, sans panties, thighs trembling... Enjoy.

You're probably too tired from me fucking your pretty mouth for so long while you frantically fingered yourself to multiple O's. You probably just want to sleep or cuddle. Maybe for a few minutes, but Captain Hook won't be denied. I wake you with a soft kiss on the mouth, and then continue kissing as I head south...

When I reach the promised land, I take a moment to appreciatively inhale your womanly musk before moving in with my skilled tongue. I slowly lick up and down the length of your slit. Given that last session, do you have any moisture left in your body? After a few slow laps up and down, I settle in around your clit, swirling my tongue about it, then probing it, then jabbing it like it was a speed bag. With your clit now engorged, I nibble on it gently as I slowly insert a finger into your fuckhole. A throaty moan escapes you as your hips buck uncontrollably against my mouth. My glazed lips confirm that your sweet juices are flowing once again--delicious! Ah, I am nothing if not a cunning linguist.

Now that you're nice and slick, I flip you over and order you to jack your sexy, full ass into the air. I kneel behind your pretty bottom and slowly push my cockhead into your pussy. Then pull out. Then push it back in a bit more. This tease drives you insane, and you finally scream at me to shove it in balls-deep. Patience, my little slut. I'll take my time. You have to work up to handling the Hook. Ah, what do we have here? Why, the prettiest little pink asshole I've ever seen. I lick my thumb and thrust it in like your ass was a bowling ball. Mmm, now I can feel myself moving in and out of you. I gradually work my way up to driving all of me inside of you, while simultaneously working up to three fingers stuffed inside your ass. The sensation with both holes filled is sublime. I go faster and faster, pounding your pussy relentlessly, my balls slapping against you, making it sound like someone is applauding my effort. My mind races ahead--where should I spew my seed this time? Hmm...

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