My First Piercing  

CaptainHook96 45M
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7/9/2005 9:41 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My First Piercing

I always wanted to get a tattoo, but finally decided that it just didn't look right on a somewhat hairy dude like myself. So why not a piercing? I've been thinking about it for a little while now, and just decided to do it. And after receiving the news that I was getting a 9% raise at work, the time seemed ripe. So I went to this shop after work and got it done. The place I went to was a dive. When I walked in three dudes were sitting around drinking beer (hopefully my piercer wasn't), and Static-X was blaring over the sound system (I felt somewhat hip that I have and love the album they were blasting). The piercing artist was knowledgeable and friendly and I felt completely comfortable. Everything was clean and sterile, despite the ambience. Basically, the shop's website was very professional, but the shop was somewhat seedy--yet I loved it! I felt like I got the full piercing experience, if you know what I mean. I ain't gonna lie, that second needle hurt like a motherfucker! They still hurt right now, even with three or four stiff drinks in me! So, I'm now the proud owner of two nipple rings. Do I regret it? Absolutely! I regret not getting the 12-gauge piercing instead of the 14-gauge! I went with the 14-gauge, wanting something that wouldn't be too visible under a shirt at a somewhat conservative workplace (not that I wear many tight shirts), but now I think that was kind of silly. A 12-gauge would have been fine, and I fear that the 14-gauge kind of looks a bit too delicate on my long body. I think I'll be upgrading at some point. And I might be ready for the Prince Albert at that point, too! We'll see. They say that tattoos and piercings are addictive.

kuriouskitty71 45F  
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7/10/2005 4:09 am

Your right piercing and tattoo's are very addictive but one you can control especially if your not into pain, but congrats on your first and hope you have many many more


hisperfectlover 43F

7/10/2005 4:19 am

Yes- tattoos and piercing are addictive. I currently have 1 tattoo. I got my navel pierced 3 months ago. I want 2 more tattoos and another piercing but wonder if that would be going over board. The thought is constantly in my head though. Why- they make me feel sexy and I think it's sexy on other people. You should try getting a tattoo. Guys with ink are such a turn on for me.

__Huntress__ 55M/57F

7/15/2005 12:17 am

Pierced nipple{s} and/or a tribal band ... delicious !

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