I awaken to desire...  

CaptainHook96 45M
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7/4/2005 3:37 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I awaken to desire...

I awake from a restless sleep with Captain Hook engorged as usual from sexually-charged dreams. What I want more than anything at that moment is an eager mouth to satisfy me. A mouth that craves cock and the gift it contains within. In my mind, I run down the list of pretty and willing mouths I've met. One in particular--yours--strikes me as perfect. Although we just met on AdultFriendFinder and it's early in the morning, I call you up. I hope you got plenty of rest last night, I caution. You're immediately on your way over.

When you let yourself into my place, I'm already naked, sunk comfortably into my big leather couch, absent-mindedly stoking myself as I anticipate what I'll be doing to you. A large pillow thoughtfully awaits your knees on the floor between my feet--I'm nothing if not a gentleman. You walk over to me and quickly shed your overcoat, revealing nothing but a long body with full curves standing in heels. Very nice. But all I really care about right now is that full mouth. We exhange knowing half smiles. Well, I ask, what are you waiting for?

You kneel before me and grasp the Hook. Your experienced tongue flits over my cockhead, playing with the slit as you reel in thick lines of salty pre-come. Mmm, you moan as you enjoy this tasty appetizer. You begin to fellate the Hook, with full lips gliding delightfully up and down my curved shaft. You certainly know your way around a penis. This is fine stimulation, and in a less voracious mood, it might be enough. I might simply lie back and let you do all the work for an hour or two. But not this time. The Hook needs more and will not be denied.

I pull you off the ground and sit you on the couch, standing before you at the perfect height. I place a large hand around the back of your head, fingers splayed through your hair as though I was palming a basketball. With your head steadied, I tell you to relax everything and begin the business of fucking your face. As I push into your mouth, now at my own pace and depth, you struggle to accept all of my throbbing member. Sharp gasps and gagging sounds escape around my shaft as I continue, undaunted. After a few minutes of steady pumping, Hook and your mouth reach a uneasy detente as your mouth and throat relax a bit in an attempt to accept this wanton and undeniable visitor. As your tension melts, you pay more attention to yourself. Your fingers probe about your erect clit, eventually dancing about it in time with the intruder in your mouth. Your gasps and gags have been replaced by long moans of pleasure that resonate about my rod and heighten the experience.

After what feels like an hour, I stop my pistoning and pull out to give your pretty mouth a rest for a minute. Then, I order you to bite down halfway, and stuff myself into one of your cheeks. With a bloated cheekful of dick, you look like a chipmunk. I thrust into one cheek, then the other. One way I'm going with the curve of Hook, the other against, both providing me with a different and delightful sensation. My cockhead plays an erotic glissando against your xylophone of teeth as I work myself in and out. I quicken the pace. The rhythm and feel of my head gliding against your teeth is exquiste, and when on occasion my slick helmet catches a canine or sharp edge, I draw in a quick hiss of painful pleasure through my own gritted teeth.

Finally, I reach the moment of truth, and am standing on the precipice of giving you the sweet-tasting gift you've been lusting for. But before I allow any of my hot seed to tumble down your yearning throat, I pause to warn you not to be greedy and guzzle it all--I want a taste. I quickly work back up to a feverish pace of pumping my shaft back and forth past your tired lips. When I can take no more, my body suddenly tenses and I launch the first salvo into your mouth. Then again. And again. Each eruption unleashes a new flood of molten cum. I've lost track of the number of times you've brought yourself to orgasm as I fucked your mouth. But I know from your squirming body that you reached another orgasm simultaneous to mine. Your eyes grow wide and you stare up at me, questioning whether you can handle this tsunami of semen. I have confidence in you, cumslut. My spasms gradually subside and your mouth proves still eager as you milk the last few drops out of me. Spent, I pull you down next to me onto a thick bearskin rug and we share a long and sensual snowball kiss. Our tongues engage each other in a slow, underwater dance as we both revel in the taste of unfettered lust.

As we finally part sticky-sweet lips, I find that you're already asleep, exhausted from the instense oral assault. My eyelids feel heavy too, yet as I lie there with your limp body in my arms, I feel a familiar stirring below and my mind drifts to what part of you I must have next.

playfulwithyou33 56F
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7/14/2005 11:53 pm

(awakens) Sweetie, is that you?

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