Back Alley Bingo  

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7/19/2005 6:58 am

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Back Alley Bingo

You're on time, as usual. At least I can always count on you for that. Did you follow my other instructions? It appears so. I watch as you park your car in the lot where I told you to. You get out of your car and start walking toward the swanky downtown restaurant where I had secured a lucky Friday night reservation. You're early, as instructed, and you suddenly veer from the street to take the suggested shortcut. I quicken my pace to catch up with you as you make your way through the narrow alley. I avoid your furtive over-the-shoulder glances and catch up to you halfway down the alley. I wrap my arms around you, pressing my hardness into you as one of my large hands covers your mouth. "Don't make a sound, bitch! Don't look back!" I hiss. We had talked about this fantasy, but here, now, in the reality of the situation, you're unsure of what's happening to you. I can feel your heart pounding beneath your ample chest.

A nearby stack of wooden pallets makes a convenient "bed" for my intended activities. I strip off your overcoat and fling it upon the pile so that you won't get splinters. I am nothing if not a gentleman. With your slinky black dress revealed, I reach a hand down under it to confirm that you aren't wearing panties, also as instructed. What's this? Are you wet already? "Mmm... A sexy woman like you, dressed liked this? You're dying to get fucked in a back alley, aren't you?" I murmur into your ear. I tug on a handful of your hair to emphasize my point. Then I push you face-down onto the pile of pallets, simultaneously flipping up your skirt to reveal a magnificent, round ass ripe for fucking. I unzip my slacks and release my cock. With a straining cockhead, I trace a path up and down your moist slit. Finally, enough teasing--I push my fullness into you. You let out a surprised gasp. "You sound like a real moaner," I say. I break off a sliver of wood from a pallet and make you bite down on it so that you won't get too loud. I can hear you groaning "no" around the splintery piece of wood, but your willing hips belie that sentiment as you push your full, round bottom back into me while your pussy expertly milks my cock.

I fuck you for what seems an eternity. There's no making love in a back alley--no, I'm strictly fucking you. You've climaxed two, or is it three times already? I know you're enjoying the hell out of this, though a part of you wants it to be over with. You'd love me to cum in your eager pussy and be done with it, wouldn't you? No. I have other ideas. I pull my wet cock out of your pussy and directly thrust it into your inviting pink asshole. You let out a ferocious gasp, still gagged by the splintery piece of wood in your pretty mouth. The restrictive friction of your suddenly invaded ass is a delightful contrast to the smoothness of your slick pussy. I find a steady rhythm and piston my engorged cock into your dirt chute. After another seeming eternity, I find myself reaching the edge. You probably want me to cum into your longing mouth. Or your desirous pussy. But I want to cum in your ass to treat you like the true, dirty, back-alley slut you are. I pump ribbon after ribbon of thick love juice into your ass.

You lie limp, face-down atop the pile of pallets, completely spent, looking like just another pile of trash in the alley. You're oblivious to the milky rivulets of my semen running down both thighs. "Don't look back. Don't make a sound. Just go on about your business," I command you, with a final tug of your hair to punctuate my point. I zip up, tuck my shirt back in, smooth my hair, and stroll away as though nothing happened.

We meet at the restaurant 10 minutes later. I compliment you on your sexy, if somewhat disheveled, appearance. "So, any troubles finding the place?" I innocently inquire.

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