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Obesity, Obesity is a condition in which the natural energy reserve, stored in the fatty tissue of humans and mammals, is increased to a point where it is thought to be a risk factor for certain health conditions or increased mortality. Obesity develops from the interaction of individual biology and the environment. Excessive body weight has been shown to correlate with various diseases, particularly cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus type 2, sleep apnea, and osteoarthritis[1]. Obesity is both an individual clinical condition and is increasingly viewed as a serious public health problem.

Recently I entered a chat room on AdultFriendFinder and intercepted a conversation between a couple of people about a profile that totaly disgusted them about a member that was obese. The obese member stated that they had lost a great deal of weight and had 100# to lose to reach their goal weight.

At first my reaction to the conversation upset me greatly, because of the prejudice and lack of understanding of obesity. It amazes me that other addictions are viewed with a great deal of acceptance as long as it does not intefere with my life and I dont have to deal with. It is okay with me. Obesity on the other hand has a different effect on non obese people.

It often amazes me at how little we tolerate others difficulty with lifes problems. I know people that would look down their long nose of disgust at members of AdultFriendFinder and the lifestyle accepted here.

I have seen the movie "Shallow Hal". It looked at obesity in a comical way but many truths were revealed in the movie. It is amazing the difficulty of an obese persons life in society here today. Oftentimes just finding a place to sit down is very difficult.

The perception of what causes obesity is what causes the biggest problem. Most people ask "how did you let yourself get so big in the first place?" Therby showing the lack of understanding of what causes obsity. Most people think that "You just eat too much" but the cause can be such things as the body not able to deploy fluids "a condition known as Edima" The heaviest man alive had that condition, it was believed that a large majority of his weight was due to fluid retention.

Sleep depravation is a large cause of obesity, and ironcaly after reaching a particular weight you can develope "Sleep Apnea" which causes the sufferer to stop breathing while asleep, and thereby never reaching the rem level of sleep which in turns causes weight gain. A never ending problem. Unless treated, with C-pap machine wich assits with breathing while asleep.

Not to mention as weight increases the lack of mobility which causes an increase of weight. It is believed that once you reach 900# your body can no longer hold up the weght so mobility goes out the door.

If you are still with me on this I just hope that I have added a little insight for you. So that you can look onto others with a little more tollerance. To realize that we dont understand all the reasons behind someone elses problems. So that we dont prejudge without knowing someone.
I dare say that everyone is and can be viewed with prjudice of one kind or another.
The Captain

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8/10/2006 4:43 am

Thank you Captain LT, yes its true that people judge people before they get to know them. Like no one knows in here why I am so big, they dont realize that I was in a Car accident that took my daughter and that I was in a abusive relationship where my ex beat me constantly. Telling me that I was no good. Even though I was the bread winner and that I was a nurse. It caused me to gain up to 478 and I have lost almost 200 in the past year in a half without gastric bypass. But it is people like you that gives me the confidence to do what I need to do to get the weight off. People who see me, see that I am a big woman and that is all they see. I am a caring and loving person who just wants to be respected, and not judge because I am big. Thank you for writing this. This blog is true and I believe it should be read by all AdultFriendFinder members.
Caroline aka petels

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