Blow The Man Down  

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8/28/2005 8:33 am

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Blow The Man Down

My task and objectives were clear. Go to bed with Sam, suck him, fuck him, and then secure his participation in the real objective - a three-some. And, since Sam was very clear during our phone sex encounter that oral was #1 on his agenda, it meant I needed to be sure that I could leave him wanting to come back for more.

It was an odd feeling. Usually, performance in the playpen is the man’s worry. Ladies, how many times have you heard:

Was it good for you (and then lied to protect his feelings)?

But in this case, the pressure was on me. Do him well … and the fun begins. Leave him unsatisfied … the three-some fantasy is over. I think every woman feels the pressure to look pretty and sexy. I do. But this situation made me even more anxious. After all, I was having sex for the two of us. What if I screwed it up instead of screwing him senseless? The pressure was on. Could I blow Sam the man down?

I decided to hone my techniques, do a little research, and practice, practice, practice. Like any good little girl scout peddling her wares, I wanted to “be prepared”.

The first step was to liven up the lingerie. So we hit Fredericks to pick out the perfect set of sexy undergarments for the big night. And, while we were shopping for the big night with Sam, we acquired a full length fishnet bodysuit for our own private fun.

But for Sam, we picked out this gorgeous little red stretch lace camisole with matching panties. Since I’m a C/D cup, I wanted to show off my breasts to their full advantage. For the pre-sex dinner, we picked out a sexy black tank top with a scooped out front to give Sam a peek at what the rest of the evening would be like. First impressions you know.

While the evening wear and sexy lingerie were great for building up my confidence, the true test was going to be performance. I really wanted to bone up on my fellatio skills. My husband was HAPPY to help me. No surprise.

Some women (most women?) aren’t really into giving their lover a blow job. Too bad for them, their husbands are probably all on this web site. I savor it. But fellatio wasn’t taught in health class in high school. Everyone has to learn how to “blow” on their own. Sad. When I first tried it, that’s exactly what I did. Blew on it.

“Funny thing,” he said, “I don’t get much when you blow, but when you lick on it … it feels wonderful”. And that’s how we ladies learned and we repeat those same techniques. If it works, don’t fix it. And, we think that just because we are giving head, we are giving great head.

I was determined to do my best with Sam and did some research on my own. I asked my husband to pretend to be Sam and give me running feedback while I went down on him (instead of simply enjoying the moment). I wanted to know what felt good, what felt great, and what drove him wild. It was an eye opener. (If you haven’t done this with your partner, you should. I doubt he’ll object.) We went from “good” to “great”. And, my husband insisted we keep practicing until the big date with Sam. (Gee, I wonder why??)

After several weeks of practice I felt like I was ready for the big night with Sam. Still a bit jittery, but ready. And, best of all, my husband and I had some great sex in the process. Now all I had to do was execute the plan. Suck him, fuck him, and drag Sam home.

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1funguy59 57M

9/17/2005 11:49 am

There's really no such thing as a bad blowjob. Some are just better than others. If you're just out to make the guy cum he will. Hell, he'll probably want to now when he can cum again.

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