Begin At The Beginning  

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7/20/2005 3:24 pm

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Begin At The Beginning

As we vaguely remember, a story really ought begin at the beginning. How did a mature, sensible, couple make the leap to joining an adult web site, posting erotic photos, answering suggestive questions, reviewing hundreds of e-mails, hotlists, winks, oh my ... As Dorothy said to Toto: "I don't think we're in Kansas, anymore."

As lovers do, we've been open and honest about our sexual desires and secret (and not so secret) fantasies. Hers: Satisfying and being satisfied by two men. Our favorite erotic photos, carefully hidden, are of a beautiful young women twixt and between two very, very, handsome men. She's loving it. Mine: I find the idea of sharing her with another lover extremely exciting. As a bonus, I've been curious about exploring a little of my bi-curious side. A favorite fantasy has always been sharing some-one with my partner, taking turns licking and sucking his cock.

And there it stood, two shared fantasies. Fun to talk about. Fun to imagine. But just that. Fantasies.

Then, on business, she met a interesting man. After several meetings and over drinks and dinner, the conversation roamed, where it inevitably does. I can't blame him for making advances, after all, my partner is extremely attractive. She exudes a classy sexy aura.

As they talk he eases the conversation to sex, at one point touching her breast to make a point, lightly, briefly, and moving closer on the bar stool until more than their thighs are touching.

My partner was unaroused by his advances until ... he mentions his experience with 3-somes. Tell me, she asks, "how do you feel about a guy sucking on your cock?". "No problem," replies her dear special friend, "I've done that and it was wonderful."

As my wife drives home, the conversation and heavy breathing continues, little packets of porn bouncing from cell tower to cell tower. In the haze of the moment, they verbally stroke each other. In the background she hears him masterbating, or as she later told me:

"I could hear him pounding his meat over the phone."

Phone sex by cell phone ... without the 900 number.

The next day, her face flushed and eyes sparkling, she reveals her story. We were both immediately and mutually excited, in my case visibly. Wow! One problem. Only two of the three parties involved are "in the loop", the third, and crucial element, is blissfully unaware, counting his blessings and plotting his "next steps". But so were we.

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rm_spike2553 47M
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7/22/2005 5:09 pm

Very hot-thank you

bucknuts1000 57M
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7/25/2005 7:57 am

I would realy like to get toghether. We have much in common.

pantyhoselvr8370 46M

8/4/2005 1:22 am

Very nice start to the story, erotic and hot!

1funguy59 57M

9/17/2005 11:38 am

You're both very lucky to have this kind of start to sexual freedom

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