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CandyTastesGood 42F
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7/31/2006 5:48 pm
i forgot

I've forgoten why i came online today. Oh yeah, I m enrolling in some online classes and I need to provide a 'personal statement'. Im usually very good at these things but I cant seem to write so Im looking for a copy of an old one.

I've been looking all over the house and I cant find it anywhere. Im thinking I should look for one that somebody else wrote. Maybe I can find one online. I have nothing to say about myself, why do they make you write these things? And of all things it has to be two pages (double spaced)but my god, 2 pages?

Im never going to be able to fill up two pages of why im good enough to join their program, its not going to happen. either I find the other one or hijack somebody elses. Honestly if i really come up with something on my own they will not accept me--truth is that i dont even care, im just trying to finish up an MA that I started and never finished. Also, because my many personal problems I will never use that degree or any of the other ones anyway.

what are they looking for? what kind of candidate do they expect me to be? I'll tell you what i think they want. I think they want someone with a vision, with goals, with a promising future and some ideas of how to apply themselves in the work environment or otherwise. it would also help if i had 'consistent' employment too...then i could talk about that.

I thought about lying on the application...and if i can gather myself together for a few minutes then i will try doing that, but this is getting harder and harder every year and with each passing day. I pull myself up a lot, and im able to get back into the game--but for me it is very difficult. im thinking now it seems nearly impossible. at the same time im trying i dont really care.

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