CandyTastesGood 42F
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7/30/2006 11:20 pm

so i asked him to leave my account alone and stop diverting my blog posts and on this website (at least) i think he has.

honestly, i dont know what he would hope to accomplish or achieve with such tactics. im a real person living a real life--as horrible of a life as it may be it is still mine for now--and it isn't an online life. in fact nobody's real life is an online life because cyberspace (unlike your bedroom or your car)does not exist.

maybe his goal is that when im posting or talking that im only talking to him--but thats just stupid. in the longrun he has nothing but thin air. it is but a false sense of accomplishment, an ineffective method of ownership. other than that, im not interested in hacking (personally)and i have no use for it myself. nothing further to say.

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