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CandyTastesGood 42F
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8/2/2006 9:53 am
changing majors

As I said earlier, I'm finishing an MA that i dont really need. I cant believe it! A few days ago I thought I was doomed! but today I FINALLY started writing that 'personal statement' to get into the program.

I figure if I commit my self to writing a paragraph a day then I should be done with two pages within 2 weeks time. one paragraph a day? now that i think i can do. So, for all you people out there who thought I would never finish that useless degree--i am on my way.

Actually, I think i'll just take a few credits and then transfer somewhere else, cuz really this isn't even the major that I wanted (but we've all been there, right?) how many times did I change majors as an undergrad? AND back then I was in the Fine and Performing arts which i believe no degree is necessary anyway! (unless you want to teach) so whatever. If I ever make it to NY i will end up at Syracuse or Colgate or whatnot. cuz guess what?

lately--i dont even give a sh_ _.

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