Hog Hog Hog !  

CandyTastesGood 42F
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8/5/2006 2:53 pm
Hog Hog Hog !

Guess you guys know by now that i'm probably typing to myself (since my account has been 'compromised' and taken over by Hacker Man).

Hacker Man thinks that as long as he has altered my computer and my accounts that I will be forced to be with him...I cannot message anyone because the message will be intercepted by the Hacker.

If you read the Article I posted in Rants and Raves, then you will see that I have come to the conclusion that he never intends to meet me anyway. That being the case--I dont have to worry about being embarassed about the stuff he can see on my computer.

BUT--on the other hand, I've known for a while now that trying to find someone online will be useless, because Hacker Man is an ATTENTION HOG who only wants me speaking to him. Also, he does message me himself -- but always PRETENDING to be some other man (he would get a lot further if he would just come forward and identify himself) So, dont message me because I wont respond (in lieu of Hacker Man's Game) you would not receive the reply anyway.

Until further developments--see you soon

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