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5/19/2005 4:16 am

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Next Memories....

Theres not alot I remember sexually in the first home I lived in back in the midwest. From the time I was born until I was about to attend 1st grade I lived in one house which puts me at about age 5 or 6 max, and I know most of this has to be when im about 4ish. The next house would be from then until after I graduated high school.

So in the first home I mostly remember the whole innocent and ignorant rubbing on the couch arm.
Another thing I remember about "riding" the couch arm as an Indian warrioress, was that I had a stick also... I would feign being shot with an arrow by poking the stick into my body, usually my midriff area.. Remember now too Im not wearing a shirt, just white cotton panties.. lol.. but for some reason this was SO erotic to me.. getting shot with the arrow, the dramatic body reaction, and falling to the ground.. I suppose it was really a form of passionate imitation on my part that seemed different from every day emotions...

But when u think about it, as an adult if I were to go thru the same motions... near naked, topless, self piercing myself with an arrow and falling... the arch in the back, the arms thrown backward, away from the body...helplessness, long hair flowing, head thrown back... is that not somewhat erotic or sexual in mental imagery? I felt that too as a child. But when young, u have not the words to express what u are feeling. Its innate.

I seem to recall a time in the bath tub playing with a set of teacups that my grandmother had just given me. If memory serves me correctly, it was then that I first took note of the nipples on my chest. I was doing something to them with one of my toys.. hahaha that sounds so naughty but I just cant quite remember exactly WHAT. I was laying back against the back of the tub.. looking down. I may have taken a cup and pressed the open mouth of it against my skin, making an indentation.. around my nipples and areolas.. and I seem to remember looking downward between my legs.. a few moments of innocent self exploration.. and then some sort of interruption mom or grandma walked in...

I do remember in kindergarten when I was first ever attracted to a boy. He was the only black boy in the class. His name was Sylvester. I have always been attracted to things different, and perhaps thats why he caught my attention. I just remember that he smelled good.. fresh and clean and was shy. I was a nurse for halloween that year.
My mother made me a cool syringe from one of those hand pumps you use for blowing up basketballs or footballs. They made em metal back then, and she drew line measurements in CC's on paper and applied it to the cylinder portion and left the needle in it. It was menacing looking to all the kids in the class and suddenly I was wielding some power.. LOL
I remember teasing Sylvester with it. And he was just soooo shy. I dont remember much beyond that day of being a little attracted to him. It was innocent tho.
If mom only knew now... the nurse outfit I own today is short, skin tight, low cut and made of black vinyl. Its sexy

Tomorrow: House #2, getting older, more adventures

rm_indul_gent1 55M
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5/19/2005 6:47 am

exquisitely written ... to see you now, it becomes inexplicably erotic to be granted a privileged glimpse into the dawning of your sensual awareness ... not sure why it is exactly but there is something terribly appealing about the honest, shameless acknowledgement of a woman's sexuality ...
great post ... look forward to the next

rm_Goldenboy988 37M

6/22/2005 12:45 am

Hummm...his name didn't happen to be Sylvester Daniels was it? If so...hit me up....


paul10010 36M

11/11/2005 3:50 am

Hi Candy,

Ive just come across some of your posts...somehow. Not actually too sure how i kind of get lost sometimes and led by my cock around this site. lol But wow..some of the MILF posts from the USA are not only more genuine..but the women are hotter and by my interpretation down right dirtier (in a good way of course)

I have joined a few MILF groups in the uk, but the quality and quantity just isnt there. I dont have much problem finding couples that want a guy for MMF or maybe single women my age...but it was always my intention to use this for meeting an older women as a fuck buddy. Oh well...ill keep searching. But power to you women that know what you want and how to get it!!

Although across the pond, i have a cam and more pics if your interested in knowing what a this guy that is playing over your pics looks like


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