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8/24/2005 9:25 am

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Do you think traits or characteristics such as stubbornness, orneriness, perfectionism, neatness, procrastination, etc... are genenic, past down by our parents & grandparents? Or do you think we learn them as we grow up?

I think it's a little of both. I see some of these traits in my mom that I have & also see them in my sons.


notdesper84now 54M

8/24/2005 3:27 pm

Sure it alittle of both. We see teh traits are parents have when we are younger and after all your parents are a big influence on you ( like it or not ) when you are young. As we grow we have friends, teachers, etc. who also influence our lives and our traits throughout our lives. As a parent we hope our kids pick up on the good ones and not the bad PS Hope mom is doing better. K

satnitespecl 58M
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8/24/2005 3:38 pm

well I dont know about traits but my one of my daughters emailed me a pic of me she took recently and all I could say was "OH MY GOD I AM MY FATHER" change the hair and I looked just like him. Dont know why that was such a shocker but it was. And it reminds me that I am my parents lock stock and barrel.

rm_akaDonut 43M/52F

8/25/2005 8:26 am

I am my parents. I have been told that I behave just like my mother. Maybe that is why I get along so well with my father? I believe in genetic predisposition, but that does not equak genetic doom! WE can become what we want, regardless of our genetic predisposition. I have many of my parents behaviors - but I believe that because I can see them in my parents that I may be able to see them in myself. Since I am informed of my own actions and behaviors and can recognize when they happen I can choose to behave differently. Sure, the choice is not always easy! But, if I want to do something I have the presence of mind to do it. That said - I believe that my parents are great people and am happy to have man of thier behaviors as my own! There are a few little things that I don't like and think (this part is dangerous because we lack perspective when viewing ourselves) that I have changed those few things tha I did not like about how my parents behaved. I could do a lot worse than what I got handed to me in inherited and learned behaviors. I thank my parents for wha they have given me and how they continue to be in my life. My parents will be with me until the day I die - possibly longer. I will always fear my fathers lectures and love how he likes to try to educate in almost everything that he does. I will always enjoy the way my mother quietly pokes fu at my father and he ignores it with a slight smirk. And I think it is hilarious that my mother is more intelligent than my father, but some how remains quiet (most of the time) while he speaks. Wether learned or inherited, most of my behaviors come through or from my parents. I am my father and my mother and am happy to be them both!


rm_marc44054 63M
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8/25/2005 3:25 pm

I think it is a little of both. I didn't have any mother growing up, she wanted her independence. I am not like my father at all, maybe because I saw him for what he really is. So, I really don't know if I got my traits from my parents or because of them. I see some of me in my daughters. That's scary.

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