Guys Are Like Dogs  

CandyKissBaby 60F
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8/26/2005 12:04 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Guys Are Like Dogs

This puppy, Roscoe is his name, reminds me of someone... well not just any someone, but a whole race of them. Yep, this puppy reminds me of men. Maybe guys & dogs aren't that far apart after all. Rub him behind his ears, scratch his tummy, let him hump what he wants, make sure he has plenty to eat & drink, a cool place to sleep & he is in seventh heaven, happy & content with life. Oh & that goes double for the dog too. lol


4EverYoungFL 66M

8/26/2005 1:10 pm

The only difference is that dogs can lick themselves and we men cannot. If we could, we would never leave the house and we would never bother chasing women.

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