Why do good girls date bad guys?!?!?!?!?!?!  

CanLastHours 33M
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6/14/2005 8:47 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why do good girls date bad guys?!?!?!?!?!?!

I have been talking to a lot of friends lately, about many things including my recent relationships, and I have come to a conclusion:

All of the nice/good girls are dating ASSHOLES!!! First off I want to say SORRY to all of those women who deserve something better then what they have.

I have become the person that all of my friends (sho are mostly women) call when they are having problems with their BF's. They have started to call me Dr. Paul. I joke around that I am going to buy a couch, notepad, and a timer and start to charge them!

Here is the real reason for this post... Why is it that most of the good girls out there, the ones that deserve more, all the women that should be treated like queens are always dating guys that treat them bad? This is extremely puzzeling to me! I have had, in the last week, 4 conversations with the BF's of these women and have tried to make things better for them. Two of the four have caught on, the other two are hopeless.

Almost all of the women that I have talked to, after they get to know the REAL me, want to clone me and have a Paul for themselves. So I have descided to do the following...

I will one day run for President, change the human cloning laws, clone myself, then every women out there will get a guy that will treat them like the Princess they really are!

***DISCLAIMER*** This post is not ment to upset anyone. Obviously I cannot change the cloning laws. This post in no way represents the views of anyone that REALLY matters. Please do not take offense to the content above.


rm_bella_ 47F
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6/14/2005 9:50 pm

Women are strange. We are attracted to certain types..and good or bad we have a hard time changing our attractions. Has happened to me in the past as I am sure it will happen to me again in the future.

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