My Fantasy Part I  

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4/19/2005 9:51 pm

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My Fantasy Part I

I walk through the door after a long hard day at work. I see my wife waiting for me with one of those looks on her face. The look that makes you know its going to be a GOOD night. She is wearing a spring time dress. One that is real short and tight. I can tell that she is not wearing any underwear. Another hint of what is to come.

She follows me into the bedroom as I change out of my work clothes. After wearing a suit all day it is nice to put on something else. She takes off my suit jacket and hangs it up. I take off my shirt and undo my belt. She then walks back over and unbuttons my slacks. She pulls then down and slightly nudges my crotch. She slips them off and then throws them across the room. She then stands back up and starts kissing my neck. She nibbles on my ears and growls lightly gives me a deep hard kiss and grabs my ass. She rips off my undershirt and pulls down my boxers. Then she throws me on the bed.

Shocked, because she usually isn't so dominate, I just lay there as she walk over to where we keep the toys. She pulls out four handcuffs and a blindfold. I just smile as she cuffs my legs to the bottom of the bed and my hands to the top. I lay there spread eagle total vulnerable. Then she slips the blindfold on me. At this point I am definitely getting aroused.

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4/24/2005 5:54 am

You married to me? (scrathes head)

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