Lead the way...  

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5/2/2005 9:37 pm

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Lead the way...

It was quite a long day at work. It’s nearly 9 and I am just now finishing up. As I lock up I decide to go to the bar across the street. It’s a nice little place, not to crowded but filled with good looking people that like to have fun. As I cross the street I see a sign ‘Live Band Starting at 11:30’. I walk through the door and see an open seat at the end of the bar. I pass a couple of friends on the way and take a seat. I order the usual, Jake and Coke. I always tip the bartender good, so it is a lot more Jack then Coke.

A couple of seats down is a strikingly beautiful woman. Jet black hair just past her shoulders, large brown eyes, bright red lips, and she has on the more flattering black dress. As I get my drink, I see her look over at me. I pick it up, look back, tip the glass and node my head. She smiles in response. I see that she is drinking red wine, and her glass is almost empty.

“Joe” I yell. “Ya, Paul. What’s up?” the bartender answers. “Make sure her glass doesn’t go empty will you?” “No problem” he replies.

I take a drink and turn my head around to see who else is trying to forget the day. I see many sexy women, but can’t seem to get my mind off of the women at the other end of the bar. I’m not usually one to ‘chase women’ but it was a long day at work and I could use some fun.

About a fifteen minutes later, I start to spin the ice in my empty glass. Usually Joe waits for me to ask for another but this time he just brings one over. “What’s this?” I ask. “It seems you have an admirer tonight” and he casually notions to the same woman. I look again at her, raising my glass, as I see her slide her tongue across her teeth and start to get up. I haven’t noticed since now but the seat next to me is empty.

She walks closer, swaying her hips like she is a runway model. I see her better now. She is about 5’7, around 120 lbs, her hair is curly, her dress stops mid thigh, and she has on black heels to match.

“Hey there. My name is Ashley. Is this seat taken?” I pull it out for her and she sits down crossing her legs. Joe, being the good bartender that he is, brings her a new glass of wine. Although he does forget to put down a cocktail napkin first. She picks up the glass, licks her lips, and gently sips the wine. Before she sets it back down she looks for a napkin to put it on. Seeing none near by, she stands up leans across the bar and gets one herself. Her dress begins to ride up, almost like she wanted it to. I pick up my glass and lean back to take a drink and notice she isn’t wearing panties. I smirk and take a sip.

We talk for five or six minutes and all of a sudden she brings up the subject of sex. “You know Paul, there is one thing that really gets me going.” “What’s that?” “The thought of getting caught” she replies. I smile, knowing damn well where this is going. “I too get the same sensation.” By this time it is about 11pm and the bar is full. There is music playing and it is getting harder to hear people talk.

She gently leans over and puts her hand on my lap. She slides it closer and closer to my dick. As her hands starts to wake me up, I wrap my hand around her neck and pull her closer in to me. I turn her head to the side and start to kiss her neck. I nibble her ear as I gently squeeze her neck with my hand. She lets out a quite moan as she starts to run her hand up and down my hard shaft.

She is now on my left side, between me and the wall, at the end of the bar. I turn toward her, still kissing her passionately as I run my right hand up her smooth leg. I wiggle my fingers under her tight dress and reach around to her inner thigh.

We both know that it is almost 11:30 when they turn out the lights as a live band starts to play. Waiting anxiously for that time to come she starts to undo my belt. I grab her ass with my hand and she again lets out a moan. This time louder then before but still no one could hear.

FINALY! The lights go out as the band takes the stage. Everyone turns to watch except for me and Ashley. She rotates my stool to face the bar again, and unbuttons and unzips my black dress pants. She kneels down and slides my hard dick through the slot in my boxers. Licks up the shaft. Slowly at first then faster. She stands back up and turns around. With both of her hands she spreads my knees and sits down on top of my lap. She slides back until my dick goes under her dress. I feel her dripping wet pussy with the tip of my head. I slide forward and rub her clit with my dick. She stands up a little I grab her by her hips and position my dick right under her pussy.

She starts to sit back down, making sure I slide inside her. My head goes in first. She goes up and down a little and starts to get faster and faster. I see her right hand slide between her legs and her head tilts back and rests on my shoulder. With my hands I push her down on top of me. I gently bite her neck. This time she moans louder, at first I thought that someone might hear us. I then realize that the band playing is covering 80’s rock music and there is no chance anyone did.

I start to rock her back and forth. I can see her hand move faster now playing with her clit as my dick grows bigger inside her. Her eyes start to roll back in her head. She pushes her tongue out between her lips and lets out a big sigh. She reaches down with her left hand and grabs mine. She takes my middle finger and puts it in my mouth. Sucking it and doing this with her tongue that I can only imagine. I feel her tighten up as if she is about to cum. Her tongue stops moving, her head rests back on my shoulder, her mouth hangs open, and her eyes shut.

All of a sudden, she bites her lip and her eyes open real wide. I can feel her try to hold it back. She squeezes her muscles as if she didn’t want to cum yet. “Let it go. I want to you to all over my dick!” I say in her ear. She looses up as I start to feel her cum. At first its just a little, then a hot rush hits my throbbing cock. I hold back making sure not to explode inside her. She lets out three or four whippers. I know she would scream if she had the chance but she doesn’t want anyone to notice. She starts going slower now and starts to wind down.

She stops moving. Her hand comes out from between her legs. I grab it and taste her on her fingers.

“My place is just a couple of blocks down, if you want to finish what we started.” She says. Before she asked the question she knew what the answer was.

“Lead the way.”

shagme37 32F
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5/7/2005 3:08 am

great story man, i wish i was as bold as that lady, whom i happen to share a name with. maybe one day something like this will happen to me? which bar do you hang out at?

CanLastHours 33M
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5/7/2005 6:00 pm

There is a jazz club Red Cat in downtown Houston. To bad were not in the same area. Or it could happen to you!


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