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6/9/2005 7:53 pm

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Her EX

Her ex ('D') and I are REAL good friends. I went out to grab some food after work today and had one of those guy conversations. I was going to ask him what he though about me going after S, but then I realized he still likes her even though she doesn't like him at all! I've talked to her about him and she has no interest in him anymore, but he is in the regretting phase right now. It's been about 6 months for them, should I tell him that I like her and see what he says? I know that if I don't say anything it will be awkward in the future (if something works out), but I don't even know if S likes me or not.

We were all at the bar Sunday night (yep, drunken kareoke) and I hear her say to a friend of hers that she wishes she could find a guy like me. I know I wasn't supposed to hear that part but I did. I also know that she is old fashioned (like I said before) and wants a guy to go after her. Personally I like the chase, it makes the end result more pleasureable and also lets you know along the way what the person is like.

I just don't know if I am crossing the that 'line' or not. Or if I should talk to D before something happens with me and S.

She doesn't really know if a 'good guy' exists or not, so I was thinking about doing the following... I am a very romantic person so I was going to send her 11 single roses, one a day, and on the card spell out h e d o e s e x i s t. No name delivered to her door everyday for a week and a half. What do you think? She either does't know I am interested or does and is either playing hard to get or wants to see how interested I am.

We are both to the point in our lives where we are looking for that ONE person and dont want to play games. I know she would tell me if she wasn't interested and I would do the same with someone else. To give you an example... she is very religous, and we were talking yesterday after dinner, about life in general, and she had bible study at 7pm well we got done eating at 6:30 went to our cars and stood in the parking lot till 8:15 pm talking. She completely missed her thing and she NEVER misses it.

Anyway I guess I have rambled on and on enough for one night. I am just wondering if I should talk to D and let him know how I feel and get is 'permision' (for lack of a better word) before I go any farther with S.

PS I will be out of town till Sunday night. I have a 3 day race in San Antonio and I don't think I will be able to sign on. Please leave your comments though I will be waiting for them when I get back.

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