Guess what... Another STUPID tax!!!  

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5/12/2005 8:49 pm

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Guess what... Another STUPID tax!!!

The *ahem* great city of Houston Texas is proposing another tax. Guess what its for. They are proposing an additional 2% sales tax for all fast food resuraunts. Now this may not account for much, a mear $.10 added to the cost of your double cheeseburger with fries and a coke, but does this remind you of anything? Come on, think back, think England, think tea. England proposed and enforced a tax on tea. There was also an additional tax on stamps.

Now your probably asking, what's it supposed to go to. Maybe education, or health inititives? NO. It's going to clean up all the litoring. Wait, do people do that for community service anyway? I think they do! Granted, I'm sure we stil spend a lot of money cleaning up the streets, but lets enforce litering laws a little better. We all see those "$500 fine for litering" signs. After all one fine would cover $25,000 of food sales. I think this is a more plausable idea. I believe that Seattle also enforces this or a permetaion of it.

I find this extreamly ignorent and highly judgemental. It is assuming that the people that eat from these establishmets are the ones who litter. However, the total weight of cigerette butts is more then all the other trash found on city streets. Should we tax them more as well? Oh wait, WE ALREADY DO. Now I am not a smoker, I find it quite discusting, but I do not believe that we should tax them more for killing themselves. If thats what they want to do, then I think that we should let them. My mother smokes so don't think that I am just saying this. It is what I believe.

Anyway back to my point. The city of Houston and surrounding area's will have an additional 2% sales tax added to your fast food bill if this passes.

I say we should tax banannas, because people could slip on the peels. Or even better we can tax internet use, because it is taking away profits from the USPS. As you can see I think this is a tragety. I encourage all of you that live in Houston, like myself, to seak out ways to object to this and do all you can to stop it.

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