Good things come to those who wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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7/10/2005 9:38 pm

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Good things come to those who wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone should know my favorite saying... "Nice guys finish last but it's with a girl worth waiting for."

I was in Austin this weekend with S and some other friends. It was one of our friends 21st birthday. We hit 6th like there was no tomorrow friday night. Then saturday we went tubbing on the Guadelupe river. Saturday night we rented movies and had wine.

Your probably wondering about the title. Well, Sat night I deceided to take control. Me and S have been flirting for weeks. Even after our talk (I'm not sure if the talk made it on here but lets just say it wasnt a good one). So I rolled her over (we are both laying on an air matress watching The Big Bounce) and kissed her. Her reaction while good was a little unexpected. She imediatly took control and we didn't stop until someone in the room took a picture with their phone. We laughed she got embaressed and we layed their and watched My big fat greek wedding (one of my favorites).

Well to make a long story short... Everyone went to bed around 1:30 and me and S stayed up making out and talking till 6:30 in the morning!!!!!! We went to bed as the sun was rising! This is a new record for us. Our previous one was 5:30 am in a Denny's (which I have to say was pretty amazing as well).

Today (sunday) was our last day in Austin. She was completly different. IN A GOOD WAY!!! It was like she didn't have to hold back anymore. Anyway I just thought I would let you all know that "Good things come to those who wait!"


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