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7/3/2005 1:25 pm

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Well as you all should know by now, I am looking for someone I can put on a pedistool and treat like a queen. A princess, a Goddess, someone "worth it". Well you know what they say about mortal men who mess with the Gods don't you? Buggered every time.

Evedently, I am not what S is looking for. Well not exactly. There is one thing that we differ on... Religion. We are both Catholic, but she is much more into her faith then I am. And evedently that is the gatekeeper. And I most definetly do NOT have a key.

So I let this one go. For who am I to try and get someone to settle for less then they truely want. Everything else I did perfect, to the T, no question about it. And I even changed a little, just a little, for her, but that wasn't enough. She wanted someone that 'didn't have to change'.

So now I have a delema... When in this situation in the past I usually run as fast and far as I can. And NEVER LOOK BACK! But this time is different I think. I love being around her. We can talk about anything. Time flies when we are out. I am just afriad that I will end up down this path again some time later. So I don't know what to do. I don't want to loose her as a friend, but I definetly don't want to get hurt again. My problem is that I still find her desierable.

Is it wrong to think of all the bad things that I don't like about her, and keep those visual, but at the same time have a great time around her? What do you think?

We are supposed to go to Austin next weekend. A friend of ours is turning 21! Party in Austin! I want to go but I don't know if it will be hard or not. Well let me rephrase that... It WILL be hard but I don't know if it will be to hard.

Is it cowardess to run like I have before, or should I stand my ground and just think of all the things I DON'T like about her?

PLEASE I NEED HELP!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


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