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12/15/2005 2:48 pm

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Who me?

I am not a serious blogger but have been one of "those"folks that peruse others blogs frequently. It isn't that I am quiet or shy, trust me on that. I just rarely believe commenting on someone else's opinions is of much merit. A good discussion/debate can be very stimulting, but when carried out over the internet in such a single dimension manner many things can be easily misunderstood.

So here I am today, making my first blog entry. Yes you are witnessing my deflowering of a sorts I guess.

I lost my wife several months back in an accident and really was "concerned" about how my life would fare. By this I mean that as a 50yo single male my chances were slim at best. Single males, especially "older" ones are not in high demand. Which in some ways is sort of sad because what we lack in recovery time, we more than make up for in initial time investment.

Well, by some stroke of good kharma I made contact with a former friend. Not only was she interested in spending time with me but she has become my partner. Now get this, I am 50, she is 35 and we are both elated to be together.

So why blog this? Good question if you aksed it. If you didn't you should have. Well...to come straight to the point...she is bisexual...and while finding that most rare of creatures, the single bi female, is highly unlikely to occurr I am heartened that it can occurr. I mean after all, I found a partner, one that fills me with joy constantly, so finding her a girlfriend should be in the realm of possibility. At least that is my hope.

The year has been one of many surprises. If next year is anything like this one.....hoooboy. I better get some rest and eat my wheaties. .

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