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7/26/2005 7:56 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


So it's like this. Working my ass off. Man my company does not know what they have. Job interview tomorrow. Bye Bye.

Car needs $600 in repairs. The AC works though!

The EXXX wants to talk. No you cannot borrow money. She borrows the same way the government does. Serious deficit spending.

My new CD came in the mail though!!!!!! For the two people who read this, I just got "Island Life" by Yerba Buena. I cannot say enough about this album. John Leguizamo opening on Sugar Daddy is awesome. Of course there is Bilingual Girl, "Two tounges are better than one". I really like El Burrito, too. Get the album and dance your ass off to some Cuban influenced music!

"All I want is a bilingual girl. I've been looking all around the world. Two tongues are better than one."

So will it happen? Will she do more than chat? Will I get to meet someone in person?

Will Dominate for food.

OK, time for a break. See you in two hours. I'm sure I'll still be awake. Dance to the music!

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