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7/20/2005 10:17 pm

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Really, I am

Ok, to explain the mood. I had two hotdog's. And I am full, freaking stuffed. I have no idea why. I haven't eaten that much today. But it has made me nauseous. Now you know. Aren't you glad?

So I started writing this a couple of days ago, and I never really thought anyone would read There just seemed to be to many. And even after I finished writing, I looked to see the most recent posts, and read someone else's stuff. Mine wasn't listed, so I figured they went pretty quick. LOTS of people posting.

Speaking of other posters, interesting. I'm only looking for people in the US, so when I saw posts from Greece and Iceland, I was surprised. I also read a lot of complaints about posts being deleted. There is censorship on this board? I'm confused. Considering the content of AdultFriendFinder, and many of the pics, I don't understand why something would be censored. So when are my posts being taken down?

So enough of that bullshit. People may think I'm doing this for them, and not myself. What's next?

I have not found her yet. No surprise. She's out there. I did order out. She'll be here in about a month. But I would rather find someone close. Someone maybe long term. Is it all about the "Booty Call"? It's about the recreation. Someone to be with, to have fun with, to train, to make love (?) to fuck like rabbits (!), to... damn where is my thesaurus?

Story, story, story. Lets skip to another first meet. We actually met on I drove down for a first meet. We did not exchange pics. Or did we? Must have. I'm not sure now. She was plus size. I like them chunky. Who am I kidding? I like women period. She had something unique. A small tight butt. Didn't fit with the figure, but intrigued me. We hit it off pretty well. Except she smoked. I hadn't dated a smoker in years. We took a ride after eating and talked. She was very in to me. I'm not sure how I felt. Really, I'm not. I think at the time, I was getting over my last girlfriend.

We got a room at a local motel. She was in the scene, and I had none of my toys. SO what can you use from tech room. A large towel is a blindfold. A wet hand towel is a whip. And so on. I kissed her neck. She melted. Her neck, especially the back of it was extra sensitive. After I go the hair to stand up, I peeled off her shirt. Large breasts with thick nipples are wonders. They roll well over the tongue. I lightly bite. She breathes. I play with them, roll them. pinch them. Her nipples are very sensitive. A little torture is in order. Her nipples start to stand out straight. She is sweating a little from the pain. Now just touching the nipples makes her move.

Blindfolded and stripped, she is left alone to feel the air and wonder. Her ass and back are red. A wet towel makes for strong tool. She is relishing the pain. She is only broken, because she wants to be. I had never had a first time scene with a sub, so into everything. She wants more and more. Her entire body is sensitive. Touching any part of her skin makes her jump.

I have her kneel in the corner. She is still blindfolded. What next? I stand naked in front of her. My erection has been straining for awhile. We are both tired. She tenses, expecting. As I stand closer, sticks out her tongue. The heat off of my cock must be intense. She takes it in. She licks and sucks, and I am ready to explode to soon. She stops and asks permission to speak. She wants me to fuck her ass. I oblige. Who's in control now? Who really has been, this whole time? She says please no lube. Huh? This is new. She enjoys the pain. I think we have the answer of who is in control. It doesn't take long, but it is intense. I am plowing hard now. The sweat is the lube. I cum deep in her bowels. I collapse on top of her, spent.

Our bodies are slick. The A/C starts to chill my wet skin. I peel myself off of her. We lay there breathing. She says she would like to go home. I am not going to say no. She wants to get her bag of toys. She's not through. She promises to be back soon. She leaves, and I think, I better take a nap. I end up watching "Big Trouble in Little China".

Yes, she comes back. But that is another story.

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