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7/18/2005 8:12 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Just a start

What the? So I hear all these great things about Cali. Don't get me wrong, I'm from here, but there is less interest here than in the 'Ole Kentucky home. Since I have been back, I think I have found one actual sub. More about her later. That was better than expected.

So with a lack of listings close to home in ALT, I am trying AdultFriendFinder. Maybe I can find someone with at least some similar interests. But wait, there's more. You want the buff guy with the 7 inch cock? Must work out? Go fuck yourself. I like my shape. I know more than enough women that use the BBW moniker, but a guy with a little extra gets pushed to the side. Wrong answer.

I'm not mean. You have to care for your sub. She is your reason. Get it? Without her, you are not a Dom. Morons. This is not about abuse. It is control. So, if she is asking to only be slapped around and abused, think twice. What is she actually looking for? But gees, needles? Hmmmm... How far with the S and the M?

Ok, just stream of thought. I am very aggravated. At this rate, maybe I should look for a T. Have to admit, the ads are good. But there is that ONE thing missing. Missing, rather than ONE thing to much. Interesting. Are you paying attention?

I'm sending out for a sub. One week of pleasure for two. Promises, promises. You'll hear about it. It has to happen first. You get to here about the others first. Or do you care? I don't care if you don't, it ain't your blog. My stream of thought. That feels much better. It had to be said.

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