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7/19/2005 10:16 pm

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Another story

So she asks if I am sure that a married woman is ok with me. Sure, why not? First time for everything. Hubby is not involved, and he isn't going to come looking for me, I'm ok.

So we meet in town. I have a room reserved at a nice place. We head out to grab a bite to eat, and to get to know each other. We have chatted and traded pics prior. So far so good. She had that stomach reduction surgery, not that long ago. She can only eat very tiny bits. I enjoy the food.

We head over to the store nearby, to see what they have. Quite the selection. The place makes it's own toys. A very large variety of solid black dildos and butt plugs, line the walls. Very nice selection of nipple clamps, butterfly clamps, etc. Some fetish clothing. I size her up, to see what a good dildo size may be. Sometimes you can tell, just by looking. Actually, probably not, but it's fun to try. She says the plug I picked, was much to large. Really? I bet I could... Never mind.

She asks me to join her in the dressing room, as she tries on the clothes she likes. See through, some black vinyl too. She acts like I'm just a friend that's she's known forever. Asks how it looks. I like it. She dropped quite a few sizes evidently. Losing that much weight in a short time, has an effect on the body. She's pretty, I'm horny, and it doesn't matter. But the breasts are deflated. So's the body. She decides on the clothes she likes. I decide on the toys I like. We make our purchases and go on our way.

Shoes. There is a special fetish shoe store. That's cool. The place is huge. Warehouse like. Very nice selection. She tries on a few pairs. My eyes pop out of my head on one pair. She's got her heart set on those now. The salesman tries to show others, and she says, "NO". She saw the look in my eyes. She liked that. The shoes were in the bag.

We head back to the hotel, so she can try on her ensemble. Damn, she looks good. You know my whip needs some breaking in. "You like tears?" she says. Yes I do. She has a high pain threshold. Yes, the Marquis is a little to much for me, but in this situation, pain and pleasure mix very well. No sex, just some fun. We don't want to be late for the party. So she dolls up, and we are ready to roll. These are all her friends. She wants to introduce me as her new Master though. It's still new, but why not? The training can come soon enough.

It's normally a garage. Don't touch the stuff that isn't part of the fun. Some very nice stations set up. Places to be tied up, hung upside down, needle station. Was there a tens unit? Must have been a different conversation. Memory fades.

Her friends are very happy to see her. She wasn't this thin before. Haven't seen her since the surgery. She looks very nice in her little outfit. We eat, drink, make merry. I like dungeon parties. More pain and pleasure mixed. A male sub has a scrotum butterfly done. Design looks nice. Only a little sweat on the brow. Very good pain threshold. She would like to me to use some on her some day. Needles... I've left welts, marks, tested pain limits. I don't draw blood. Something about it, seems to far. The Marquis is laughing at me.

One of her firends is a couple. The Dom hugs her, gets a little handy. Does that more than once at the party. I keep my cool. Her friend. I make a comment about trading, since he seems to want to be all over her. He backs off a little. Not enough. "My Schwartz, is bigger than yours."

We'll come back to that.

So of course I don't have a pic yet. New computer. All my pics, their pics, are on my old system. I need to boot it up. Probably one reason she doesn't answer my emails. Very nice mouth. Says the right things. The mouth can become a second pussy. A sub with excellent oral skills, has a very happy Dom. A former sub had a joke that she found on a site where other subs discussed their Doms. "When is a Dom, no longer a Dom? After he cums!" So one evening I proved her wrong. That was a fun night for both of us. I slept well that morning. That's another story.

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