The Eroticon: Shadow Lovers  

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12/15/2005 8:26 pm

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The Eroticon: Shadow Lovers

THE EROTICON - shadow lovers

i dream of a tongue whip lie waking me like a smoke alarm a snake on my skin. my body is used to sleep and its dreams don't wake me with the cold smell of ginger you do. a soft percussion of memory beats in my heart. your lips draw a straight line to my cock rising it with caution.

you grind your crotch into my left hand onto my ring finger the gold gliding, sliding easier now the silk of your hair and the moisture feels like a handful of seaweed. your legs trap me with strong, soft desire. Turning, i see a ring printed skull on your thigh. you taste different today a cat smell after washing itself. heat. passion and movement in a lust ritual. trying to move smoothly into male dominant female dominant you kneeling and bending me on my back on my feet on my side. but this is a morning fuck and we both must work so we leave each other until our dirty phone call on company time where we complete this waltz

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